Sunday, March 11, 2018

Birthday/Party fever continues!

For a while there the kids were going outside and having a picnic anytime they could.  It was so warm.  This is a picture of them having a "picnic".  It always requires their umbrella.  They are crouched underneath it on their play set.
 McKayla at almost 9 months.  She may be small, but she sure is getting big! 
 Smiling at Daddy.

 Danny is so proud of himself on his birthday.  I already posted the movie of this event on the last post.  So if you were wanting to see that just go back one post.  He got the tie for his birthday and he has gel in his hair.  My little boy is growing up.
 Celecta and Gigi chatting together.  The only problem I have with this is that she looks so serious and looks like a mini 15 year-old instead of a 5 year-old. 

 Danny is constantly being found in a pile of books.  No he cannot read the words, but he is quite entertained by them often.  If we don't know where Danny is, this is where we find him.
 Danny getting himself.  I have caught him putting on two pairs of pants or underwear over his pull up or a shirt over his shirt a few times. #distractedboy
 Cinnamon toast and eggs for breakfast.  Usually he is more excited about it.  :D
 More cute baby.
 This is what happens to someone who does a swing shift, followed by homework, followed by playing with his sick kids, followed by anniversary date.  Love him more than he knows. 
 No matter how tired he is from all the adult stuff, he manages to find time to be a kid. :)  Thanks to Melissa not minding the germs, we were able to get away for our anniversary while our kids were battling an awful cold.  #lifesaversisterinlaw  We had to make the best of it so we went to Ruby River.  Thus the ribs for tusks.
 More things I am spoiled with on our anniversary.  Ryan got me the flowers and mints and martinelli.  I got him the books. 
 McKayla found her nose.
 If McKayla had a 'stache.
8 years later and still love it!
 McKayla playing in the bean bag toss train at Benjamin's party.  She fits just about perfectly!

Pin the picture on the caboose. At Benjamin's party.

 Pinata was more fun for some than others.
 Danny's game face.
 He's pretty darn good at it if you ask me.  :)
 Happy birthday Benjamin!  Your mom throws a mean party!

Poor baby had been battling and ear infection.  Then to make it worse she had an allergic reaction to the amoxocillin.  It took a couple days for it to go away.  And then a different medication a week later to get the ear infection to completely go away.
 Danny found someone (Grandpa Dixon) to read books to him while at a Moss Family February birthday celebration party. 
 Celecta finally got her 5 year old shots (she was sick at her appointment and had been throwing up so she didn't get them then).  We decided to get some ice cream and smoothy to celebrate her survival.  ;)  She was pretty upset during, but willingly admitted they weren't as bad as she thought they would be.
 Tickle monster got Danny.
 And Celecta wanted a picture too (which Danny took).
 Comparing eye color. 
 We have almost every color in our family now.  Danny's eyes actually look green in this picture.  A lot of people have been calling them brown.

 Boo bubbles, compliments of Brad and Amy!  They were so fun!  We just may have to try them ourselves!

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