Monday, February 12, 2018

Birthday Season

Preschool Science
 Preschool Shapes
 Preschool Snow
 Banjo and Kazooee
 A snowman (the only one of the season)

The Ballerina Bear designed by Megan Moss.
I suppose I should post a tribute to the girl of the month.  She wants to be a mom, a ballerina, and a teacher when she grows up and is on her way to all three of them.  She loves babies and helping others, she has a very natural grace about her and loves to dance and she loves to learn and teach other people what she knows.  She can carry a conversation better than most 10 year olds and loves to talk on the phone.  She loves to create new things.  She loves to paint, color, play with playdough and build.  I love her with all my heart.  She is a blessing to me in so many ways.  She is a wonderful helper and reminds me to love more.  Love you, girly!
 Birthday girl with birthday hair.
 And birthday balloons (to give away to her friends).
 And birthday decorations
 Don't forget Danny (he wanted a picture)
 And Daddy too (taken by Celecta).

Birthday presents with the Moss's

 A blanket to help her sleep at night.
 Wonder woman slippers to match Danny's to play super heros.

 Brent time for Celecta
 McKayla time for Opa

Missed the silly face she was making with the straw all the way across her mouth.
 Rolling all over the place.

 Our friend brought some gifts too.
 First trip to the dentist as a preschool.  The kids wouldn't sit in the chair.
 Celecta reading to McKayla in the corner of the room.
 Trolls party for the kiddos.
 The cemetery at Oma's headstone.  Elaine and Brent never disappoint.

McKayla keeping warm.

 Aunt Melissa with all the kids' attention.
 McKayla two of her four teeth.
 McKayla sporting her new bandanas
 McKayla sitting.

Preview of Danny's Birthday

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