Friday, January 5, 2018

A blustery, breezy, beach Christmas

Left over pictures of Thanksgiving celebration at preschool.
Ryan's no shave November face
Left overs of the Gee Christmas Party
 McKayla stealing the show.
 Left overs of the first snow.  "I'm gonna eat it!"

 Of course we were way late, but we did get to see some of the houses at Christmas Village with our preschool group.

Mrs. Clause showed us around.

Sister Gee's Book of Mormon challenge picture.

I usually try to choose just one picture of the same setting, but you try to choose just one.

 Ward Party Nativity.  Celecta and Danny are in the front of the kids.
 More selfies of the baby.

 Celebrating Elaine and Brent's new house.
 McKayla's spot in the house.  We caught her almost snagging some ornaments.

Early Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Gigi and the Gruwells and Melissa.
Celecta was the angel, I was Mary, and Danny was Joseph and Ryan was a shepherd

Ornaments with Gigi

Christmas Morning after Santa came early (December 16)
 Castle waffle blocks


Playdough Set

 Down to business after Christmas.  On our way to the south.  Believe it or not this is the only time I sat in that chair the whole way there and back.  Most of the time I was sitting by McKayla.
 We stopped at Liberty Jail.
 McKayla's kisses.
 Ryan's seat.  All 68 hours.
We skipped the boring half of the vacation in the car and documented the fun stuff.
Starting with the Aquarium with some friends.

The welcoming committee (Ryan at the bottom of the pile)
Patrick and Whitney were kind enough to host almost the entire family.

 McKayla and Emma in pajamas.

 Danny helping Miles up the stairs with a Spiderman mask on his head.

Nerf gun fight with the whole house.
 Celecta changed dress ups every hour with her cousins.
 Aunt Whitney's slushies.
 Danny and Wyatt on a walk.

 Spiderman dressed as King Herod.

 Celecta was a wise woman with her cousins.

 Singing Carols

 Sister Gee in England!

Christmas (25th) Dance party
 Danny was dressed as Spiderman 2 days straight.  Spiderman smolder.

Brunch at The Dutch Restaurant.  YUMMY breakfast!  Danny ate the whole 8 inch pancake.

 The Moss Family Reunion OFFICIALLY starts.
We are at Fripp Island Beach freezing our buns off and having the experience of our lives.
 Oh and I'm pregnant again (trying to keep McKayla warm).
 Wind whipped family photo
 Wind whipped cousins.
 The twitter pated couple

 When everyone is sick and miserable a book is the perfect medicine.

 Gingerbread houses

 McKayla gave everyone the fight of her life when it came to bedtime.
Christmas gift exchange

Four corners on the way home.
 Post travel day evening.  It was 6 on a Wednesday (3 days after we got back).
 Temple square the last day of the lights.  Getting some Christmas festivities in.

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and you felt the spirit of our Savior and the love that comes with this season.  We love our Savior and know that he lives and suffered for us.  We would not be where we are today without him.

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