Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How many holidays can we fit in one blog post?

Geordi La Forge

Potato sack pillow cases

Leaves at Aunt Melissa's

Mom the cow.

Painters hands.  She painted all day, but really, no joke.
McKayla enjoying the grass and the outdoors.

Celecta finally fits on her bike from her 2nd birthday.  #shortlegs, #theydontmaketrikesliketheyusedto
Our annual family BYU football game.
Spur of the moment trip down to Gigi's.
Jack o' lanterns.  Celecta scraped out the guts of her own pumpkin.

Left to Right: Mom/Dad, Celecta, Danny

Carmel apples from our party with Nana and Opa
McKayla's first injury caused by Mom.  I dropped a chair on her...
Halloween costumes: Katerina Kitty Cat, and Danny the Dog
And Mom the udder-less cow
Chuck-e-cheeses trip on a rainy day

 Halloween cookies with our neighbors for FHE.

Celecta takes her cookie decorating seriously.
Don't judge me on the lyrics.
Ryan took the kids out to dinner on a day I had the flu and they didn't survive the trip.
"This crumb of bread seems to fit nicely here."
McKayla in the middle

Celecta has discovered she can hold McKayla for limited amounts of time standing.  Sometimes I can convince her to just prop her up instead.  
6 month check up before shots.

Crunch! Yes we were in the car and no, no one was hurt.  Yes, the car was totaled.  RIP Camry.  You were such a good car.  Your life ended much sooner than it should have, but it ended right in time for us to get a sweet deal on the car from insurance so we can buy a mini van.
Speaking of minivans.  Meet our 2015 Toyota Sienna.
Sunset driving home from our car purchase.
Kids being babysat by their cool uncle and aunt.
More cookies :) sideways...

Celebrating Aunt Melissa's birthday
Reminiscing at BYU with Aunt Millie
Duck pond with Auntie Millie
This was the jacket on hand.  Just 3 years too big for her.
Millie hosting our family at her place.  They were very entertained.
Especially after he arrived with Megan.
Opa and Nana time after a party of strangers with the extended Gee family.

Celecta gets a gift from Santa at the Gee Christmas Party.

Our house all decorated.
"I tip my hat to you."

Shopping for a Christmas Tree is so much more fun when Ryan is there.
Our new Christmas Tree
Now the kids get one.
First snow!  Celecta started to get her snow clothes on without any coaxing.  Be very jealous Southern Mosses!

Danny's makeshift gun.

I would write a message, but I really shouldn't have finished this right now because of other pressing matters.  TTFN!

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