Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Life is the fast lane

I keep waiting for life to slow down.  They said it would slow down after summer ended, but now it's on to the fall and all of the activities that go with and not far behind is the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  For this reason I am very late getting my blog out.  Unfortunately I do not anticipate this getting any easier so I'm gonna be a bit lazy about my captions once more.  ENJOY!

These are part of the pictures of our Memorial Day celebration with the Gees.
 They had some pretty awesome water balloon fillers which is why we didn't get mad at Danny and Benjamin for throwing all of them on the cement.

 Yes we did celebrate my birthday.  I think part of this was in my last blog, but I can't keep straight all of my pictures.  Ryan and Celecta made the birthday cake.  I helped frosting it, but it was yummy!  I also got breakfast in bed and we spent the day at the park shooting hoops and letting the kids ride around on bikes.
 Three girls snuggling with Daddy

Cousins ready for preschool.
 Ryan's favorite time of year... maybe not so much this year.
 More girly time.
 The stars aligned perfectly and I got to go to my first BYU game this year.  Unfortunately McKayla wasn't very good luck, but it was fun to be there anyway.

 This was McKayla's favorite part of the game.
 This was Celecta and Danny's favorite part of the game.
 Spending time with Gigi.

And Grandpa afterward.
 It's always a party at the Gees.

 We finally got outside to enjoy the fall weather and Danny biffed it good on his little scooter.  I always figure he doesn't need head gear because he isn't going very fast.  I suppose he learned my lesson for me...  Needless to say he had the nickname Danny Dino for a while...

 Mckayla is getting big.  If you go back in my blog you'll see my other pictures of the kids holding her.  She is over, doubled in size.

 Celecta and Danny love to build things.  I think they may need some bigger blocks to play with.  I'm sure Stockton and Isaiah don't mind being a part of my kids development.

McKayla had a sick spout.  Possibly caused by her starting solid foods.  We are trying to keep her fed while my milk supply goes up and down and up and down.  It's a balance and a constant struggle, but we love her anyway.
Danny Dino progress.
 Danny Dino progress.
 Conference with Aunts and Uncles.  The coloring corner.
 The sleeping corner.
 Daddy rarely gets snuggle time with Danny.  It's a momentous occasion.
 McKayla is learning to grab.  This was after a drive without other kids in the back to update me on her.  Poor baby... Perhaps those head bands are no longer an option.
 Danny is getting big, mostly I'm getting sick of changing two-year-old's diapers and paying for diapers for two.  We had one day of potty training and then it got old for both of us, but he can't wait to be in his new underwear.

 My kids lovin' on their baby.

 I have started to do more crosswords puzzles to keep my mommy brain from turning to mush.  It is quite the challenge and I have yet to finish one with out LOTS of help either from the internet or Ryan.

Post conference crazies.

The conference hosts.  I love them dearly and learn from their examples of constantly learning and growing.
 Cinderella's step-mother and step-sister trying to get the glass slipper to fit.
Preschool field trip on a hike in Weber county.  The PERFECT hike for little kids.  Benjamin almost didn't make it, but

 Amidst all of the events lately I delivered a salad to a funeral a day early.  I was regretting not being able to finish cleaning the house, but this bike ride had been loooooong overdue.  It was a beautiful day.
 Pumpkin patch with the Gees at Wheeler Farms.

 The favorite aunt within thousands of miles.

Halloween kick off party.  Danny the Dog.
 Celecta the Katerina Kitty Cat.
 More fun kids activities compliments of Amy Gee and Jessica Weston.

Danny took wacking that pinata pretty seriously.
 Celecta took the more gentle approach.

We enjoyed General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  As happens often with a mother of young kids, I came away feeling I needed to read them, but it's always a good thing to do as a family.  The prophets of the Lord know this is a hard time and gave us many encouraging and insightful ways to get through it.  I know as we follow those directions we will make it back to our Heavenly Father and live with our families forever.

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