Thursday, August 24, 2017

Landlocked Beach Bums

Summer time=Lotsa vacations=Lotsa picture (and I still missed some)=Few captions

This is Mckayla's photo shoot at 2 weeks.  My neighbor did this for her portfolio. #Westernbluebirdphotography #Heatherturbeville

 Can you tell which is which? #Geebabies

Dinosaur Museum with the Gees.

 Pineview Reservoir with the Gruwells
 Amazed she slept.

 I think Danny gets spider bites and they swell up on his face.  They were pretty sad looking.  Luckily they never got worse than this...
 Swim lessons on land due to lightning
 She passed!  I never thought she would be okay with putting her face under water and even opening her eyes!
Play date with the Kesslers
 Cousin time in Provo.  McKayla wouldn't fit. :)
 Celecta does her hair.  Just date it back a couple centuries and it would be in right?!
 Danny and Daddy first of many selfies.  Probably the majority of them will have a whole lot more blue in the background.  #BYUDAD
Had to entertain the kids somehow in this enormous field with a bouncy house, sand box, play house, etc.
 Pretzel kids commandeered my sister's pretzel stash for camping.
 9 square at the Dixon Family Reunion
 Danny loves his Great-Aunts.
 Our contribution to the family quilt.
 The Moss contribution via Megan Moss.
 Bear lake with Megan and Camille.

 McKayla pretending she was not there.

 The wind helped us clean up sooner than expected.
 Evidence of dogs in our house with the previous owners that Ryan fixed.  
 Danny the drummer boy.  Gets it from his Great Grandpa Moss.

 More McKayla


 North Shores with Gigi and the Gruwells.

 McKayla's blessing day with Grandpa and Aunt Melissa (more pictures to come to in the next post).

 Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum on 2 dollar Tuesday=Insanity, but we still had fun.

Because we couldn't get enough of Bear Lake we decided to come back.  :P
 Note McKayla's head size... Thanks Opa.
 Idaho for the eclipse.
 Daddy has to get on her good side somehow #Daddysgreat #nopoopfortwodays #blowout

Beso the bunny.
 Danny with a new pair of glasses.
The Eclipse
 I would post pictures of the actual thing but they don't do it justice.

 Mikayla and McKayla.
 Eclipse shadow.
 Idaho irrigation.

 Cousins getting baby love.

 Danny letting Momma bug him.

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