Sunday, July 16, 2017

McKayla Smiles!

One of McKayla's  first smiles. At 4 weeks.

Wearing make shift aprons and finger mustache.  
Apparently our cd player became a vending machine...I think I got out all the coins but our cd player may need to be replaced...
Ryan moving with his macho muscles and beard.
Nanna came to visit and help with the kids and house.  It was a very appreciated visit!
Baby stretches in a cute romper, compliments of Aunt Mercedes.
First summer water games!

Daddy on his way to sweltering hot New Mexico for a rocket competition.  Part of the reason there are so many pictures this month.  I won't show them all.
My little launderer.  She loves folding the pants, sorting, spraying, scrubbing.
Gigi brought puzzles.  The way to our heart!

meanwhile, back in New Mexico.....Ryan judges 20 foot rockets

Sunglasses and hats and aunts.  Three of Danny's favorite things!
Oh and books and Uncle Brent.  They read for 3 hours...
Daddy teaching us a new game.  Such a simple concept and still very entertaining.
Celecta hasn't taken naps outside of the car in months.  I guess between visitors and a backyard we are wearing her out.
Multitasking.  She was actually quite comfortable in there.  
Our flowers this year!  I wish I had taken a picture of a before and after.
My summer baby in winter pjs.  She is almost always cold indoors and our house is set to 74.
Danny and Celecta at their cousins birthday party.  In case you can't tell from Danny's face, we had hot dogs.
We got to see Cousin Emma and Cousin Donovan and Uncle Tyler and Aunt Brandie.  My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures.

We had to dance to the drums, naturally.
Danny learned how to make two with his fingers!  It only took him half a year.
Theses two are the same size but two years apart.  You'll notice Danny got tired of playing dolls...
Wears Danny....I love that my kids love to read!
I can't get enough of their giggles!
The kids taking turns making McKayla smile.

They found the perfect cars for their minions!
I love my whistling musical loving, dish doer... The kitchen is dirtier than he left it but he still cleans it.
It's mango season!! Mangos for dessert at the Gee house!  
Mango mouth.
What a month!  We have had so many people up to help us out.  They have made the transition from 2-3 so much easier on us all.  I finally feel like I am getting my feet under me (i.e. I'm learning how to live off of little sleep).  I am so blessed with wonderful people who are willing to help and even more with beautiful children and a handsome husband that I can have forever.

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