Thursday, June 8, 2017

May Momma

Our Christmas gift from Gigi and Grandpa was to go to the Aquarium.  We finally made it right before the baby came.  The kids had a blast.  By far the most time I have spent there or any museum for that matter.

 Benjamin's fishy face.
 Gigi and Grandpa make everything more exciting.
 Oh, and Aunt Melissa.  She had some admirers as well.
 Scuba divers in the fish tank.  The kids were a little confused why they were in there...  What a funny looking fish!

 Family picture at the end.
 Making Mother's Day gifts for Nanna and Gigi.  The kids had a ball and they turned out pretty well.
 False alarm water breakage on Mother's Day.  I thought our baby would follow suit with the others and take over a birthday/holiday.  Everything was fine.  I suppose this got us into the system early.

Day before baby time.
 Puzzles with Nanna and Opa.  This is every puzzle we own.  We may need to buy some more.
 My view from labor room.  I should have taken one from the post baby room too.  A beautiful place to have a baby.
 Selfie as parents of 3.
 Looks just like my Danny boy.
 Minus the hair... Go figure. 4 lbs 15 oz, 18 inches.  We just waited for one of her tests results to come back bad... She surprised us every time by acing every one.
 Meanwhile, the kids were having a blast a Burger King on the chilly day.

Our family of 5.  Love them all!
 Candid picture of McKayla and Daddy.

Opa and McKayla.

Danny was having a rough night the day he came to visit.  We thought he was just having a hard time adjusting to the baby, only to find out later that night he had thrown up... Kuddos to Grandpa for staying up with him and cleaning it all up.  Somehow everyone else managed to miss catching whatever we had.  It was a huge blessing!
 Celecta could not get enough of her baby sister.  We had to pry her away for anyone else to get a turn.
 Auntie Millie and McKayla.
 Day of going home from the hospital.  Flowers compliments of Opa and Nanna.
 Finally home together.  Buy a house: Check, Have a baby: Check, Do nothing: To be accomplished
 First drive with all three in the back.  They all do really well.  Celecta is really good at giving us updates on the baby.
 Our bundle of joy.  Missing Momma's belly.
 Danny's new look.  He loves the reaction he gets out of people.
 The Gees giving our house a makeover.
Our garden was in dyer need!
 And so was our roof.
 Real men replace their own roofs!
 Daddy getting snuggles from Danny.  I told him to lay Danny down and he said no.
 Kids got ahold of my camera.

 Can't get enough of McKayla
 Celecta requested a fort.  I think I delivered!
 Picnic at Liberty Park with the Gees before Megan leaves for her mission.

 Grandpa indulged the kids in all of the rides.  Danny announced to everyone every time he went around that he was riding the tiger airplane.
The train ride was long, but the kids loved every minute anyway.

Paddle boating with the boys.
Aunt Megan gets a picture with McKayla before she leaves.
Grandpa wasn't about to miss out on holding the baby if Megan got to.
Spike ball.
Playground with the Gruwells after the airport.  And to think we couldn't get these kids to pose the night before.
Something about this face.  My kids all made it.

Danny getting some Mommy snuggles.  He wouldn't let me put him down.  He misses being the baby.

Nanna's photo shoot.

Aunt Michelle sent us a package.  They loved them!
Snuggles with McKayla
Danny and I having juice while the girls sleep and Daddy is out with his brothers.
A dress from Auntie Lainey.

Everything has been going really well.  We anticipated more health issues with this little one being so tiny, but she has passed all of the tests.  She is still gaining weight and hasn't caught the sickness of either her brother, sister, or dad.  It's been a huge blessing.  The prayers and service of family members and friends have not gone unnoticed.  We continue to pray for our little one to keep the good health so we can be blessed with her sweet spirit on this earth for years to come.

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  1. I need to get up there to see the Gee family in their new habitat one of these days. They all appear to be enjoying the new baby...Their Mommy and Daddy are doing a great job. G-G'pa Dixon