Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Playing in a bean box at Grandpa's.  We were finding beans in their clothes the rest of the day.

Dying easter eggs.

The foam stickers were their favorite.  Not very good for spinning.

Cousins came up to help us pack.
The day we closed on the house.
There was a rainbow that day.  We have a beautiful view on both sides of house!
The kids helping unpack.  This went much faster than them handing me one can at a time.
Kids got the camera.
Moving day at Kneaders.  We wore Danny out.
One last pic buy the town home.  We made wonderful memories there.  Celecta initiated the goofy faces.

We didn't really even need the house, just the yard.
The house isn't home without a ton of pics on the fridge.
First time mowing the lawn as a home owner.
Weeding in memory of Oma.  Our house has plenty of those.
Celecta learned how to use Oma's favorite weeding tool.  They loved weeding!  Not sure how long that will last.
German pancakes in memory of Oma.
Flowers complements of Flowers on Main.

Picnic at the cemetery.

I'm sure you can't blame me for being a little tardy on this entry... There have been many things to celebrate this month.  We have had many wonderful people to thank as well.  Most of all we thank God for all he has given us.  His Beloved Son has made it possible for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father and our families forever.  For the house we were able to find in such a crazy time of buying.  For the mothers in our lives that have been an example of love and kindness.  We are blessed.

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