Saturday, April 8, 2017

A House in Sight

Playing in the clothes while Mommy shops is more entertaining than they anticipated.
The kids sticking it out during Mommy's second 12 hour fast 4 hour gestational test. Lucky for us it was a sunny day.

Can you spot them?

St. Patrick's Day was a bit foiled by house hunting and bidding so we opted to do it the day after.  Melissa was kind enough to help the kids make these masks while I prepared the feast.  They turned out nicely.  Happy St. Patrick's Day from a family of leprochauns!
Next on the agenda was a baseball game.  Justin played Ogden High School so we came down to watch him.  
This pic is also proof Danny wore the Hawaiian outfit Gigi gave him.  It was a little small, but he did wear it.
For FHE we made toothpick figures with gum drops.
Some of us were more interested than eating than participating.  Celecta was not one of them.

Getting ready for Daddy's celebration.  We made peanut butter bars, hamburgers, pasta salad, and had salt and vinegar chips.  All of Daddy's favorites.
The kids and I also made cards.  Celecta's said, "I love you, Daddy." And, "Dear Daddy, I like to play with you. -Love, Celecta."  She had some pretty awesome drawings too.  Danny's said, "I want to see your beard." (Ryan hadn't shave in a while) And, "P.S. You love me and I love you."
Peanut butter bars aren't the greatest for candles so Ryan was three on this birthday.

We watched the afternoon session with the Gees and played outside any spare moment we had.  The kids loved the backyard and the playground.  And of course their uncles, aunts, and grandparents.
We had a celebration at the Moss household for Ryan and Camille.  Post celebration was spent playing restaurant in the new toy room.  Celecta ran her Celecta's Restaurant like a champ!
We keep trying to convince Danny this jersey is cool.  He consented to wearing it, but mentioned his dislike of it on several occasions.
We went to the zoo before the chaos started.  We were worried about the weather because it went from sunny, to raining, to windy all in a week of forecasting, but the weather was perfect.  It was a little bit chilly, but it beats the heat and the price of the zoo in the summer.
The kids loved it.  It was definitely a worth-while event.
We decided to adopt a gorilla while we were there.

We couldn't go to the zoo without inviting cousins.  It made it even more exciting.

Of course Gigi makes everything fun.
Post lunch time and watching the seals and sea lions.

In case some of you haven't been in contact with us a while I suppose I should share the biggest development of this month.  We found a house and are hoping to close the 19th of April.  We are so blessed that the timing turned out the way it did and are blessed to get something in this crazy market.  It is in a wonderful area surrounded by schools and only 5 minutes from our town home.  It will be sad to leave this place, but much easier to leave knowing we won't be far.
Baby girl is measuring small. Surprise, surprise... My weight plateaued about this time with Danny as well.  The difference is this time I am getting an ultrasound every time I go so the doctor gets to see the size of the baby.  I went to a specialist who measured more precisely and heard the background of small babies and the size of my husband and decided everything was okay after the stress test.  We are hoping she continues to grow so that the doctors can calm down a bit.  The last appointment I had was promising with progress of 2 weeks in the past 2 weeks on her abdomen (the area that is measuring small relative to the rest of her body).
Between my pregnancy and my kids getting sick/injured we have managed to be to the doctor at least once a week sometimes more every week the past month and a half.  Danny had RSV that kept us quarantined for a while and then Celecta split open her eyebrow again (same one only a quarter inch from the last scar).  We are so blessed to have modern medicine to get us through these unplanned events and are trying to stay positive.

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