Thursday, February 2, 2017

Swallowed in snow

Don't be deceived by the lack of pictures.  This does not mean we didn't do anything this month, just that I didn't take a picture every time we did.  
In case any of you missed the pictures of our new family member, here they are.  For some reason she enjoyed squishing her face up against my bladder instead of giving us a good view of it.  The hands are probably cuter than her face anyway.

 We celebrated Celecta's birthday at the Kangaroo Zoo.  It was well worth the money.  At first we didn't think Danny would like it at all, but Celecta was pretty good at showing him how awesome it was.  She LOVED it.  Bouncy houses are her favorite.  She was constantly climbing up and sliding down.
 Celecta coaxing Danny down the elephant slide.

Danny warming up to the bouncy houses.
 Celecta lounging on the dinosaur.
 Celecta posing on the dinosaur.
 Danny lounging on the alligator.  This jumping is tough work!
 Danny NEVER puts his foot in the snow voluntarily.  Celecta spent the entire time outside crunching the snow and Danny decided to try it and got hooked!  We LOVE soaking up the sun and miss it terribly.

We hosted both sides of the family for Celecta's birthday party.  I think everyone got to spend some time with her amazingly.  We didn't get pictures of everyone in attendance, but were so glad my family and Ryan's were able to come.  She loves them both!
 Opening her presents from Mom and Dad and Gigi and Grandpa.  We also loved the ornament Nana gave us.
 Danny wears his "panda hat" anytime he remembers too.  Even when we are inside protected from the wind and snow.
 The kids were both walking around with their blankets on their shoulders and running using them as capes.  Eventually they wanted them on their heads and then Danny wanted his hat too.
 This is how we stay entertained at our house.  We unload the plastic cupboard of all it's cups and stuff them in the section of the chair below the cushion.

 It fits just perfectly!  Hopefully he doesn't try out marbles, beads, or legos.
Outside of staying warm we have been sledding/getting swallowed up in the snow, shopping/getting out of the house, visiting friends/reacquainting ourselves with those who have been sick for weeks, and learning to plan more activities/get out of our comfort zone.  It has been a good month.  We love our little girl.  She is becoming more independent and more opinionated everyday.  It is not always easy to understand why other people don't want to do something the same way she does, but she is usually rational.  She remembers more than I know I ever did.  She loves organizing and creating pictures and helping cook and doing her chores.  Of course it is also a month we remember my mom as well.  The one who taught me how to find the perfect slush or ice to crunch beneath my toes.  A talent I plan to pass on to all of my children. 

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