Friday, January 6, 2017

Come and Gone

Fish face in Daddy's shoes with Elsa.
Celecta's first hair curling experience.  The curls didn't stay in long, but she looked pretty grown up for about an hour.
If you look closely at Celecta's bangs next to her part you can see a perfect star shaped snowflake.  There were a bunch of them that day.
Danny's monkey face and ears.
My first successful attempt at cinnamon rolls and my star helper.  Yes, they tasted as good as they looked.
Megan is home again home again!  It's good to have her back.  She spoke like a champ and had the crowd to show for it.  

Ryan took Celecta to the BYU Basketball game just the two of them due to a less than interested Danny who was pretty grumpy (possibly sick).  It looks like we were not missed much.  :P
The Ogden Village downtown.  It was cold and slippery.  You will see evidence of this in some pictures further down.  The kids had a good time looking in all of the windows and seeing the scenes that were set up.  We could have spent a lot longer there except that it was cold outside and time to eat dinner.
Standing by the elf.
Celecta's battle wound from her fight with the cement.  She was on Daddy's shoulders when he fell.  She was a champ and let the doctor super glue the cut.  The teddy bear they gave her did make it more bearable.
Her shiner the next day.  It was pretty swollen and black and blue.  Many people referred to it as her make-up.
Christmas morning.  It started earlier than any of us wanted do to some coughing kids, but it was still a good one.  

They love their new table and use those dollar neon notepads like they were worth 100 bucks!
We spent a week at the Gees in Provo after Christmas.  We tried to keep busy and sledding was one of the activities.  Because I didn't take many pictures during the break I'm posting a bunch people sent me.  Mostly of sledding. :P

Another one of the events was the Ice Castles in Midway.  Celecta had a good time sliding for a little while and it was fun to look at the formations.

My family was kind enough to join us.  

Danny showing Kyle his tackling ability.
Grandpa coloring with Celecta Rose.
Cousins entertaining the baby.
Ryan showing off his bowling skills.

The boys making the most of the Museum of Art at BYU.
 Sugar cookies on New Years Eve.

We are so blessed to have a loving family and to be so close.  We love them all!  We felt the presence of our Savior this holiday season and are grateful for the reminder this time of year of His coming to the earth and making it possible to return to live with our Heavenly Father.  It was a successful Christmas and a tiring vacation.  We are happy to be home!

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