Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Time is Here!

This winter came on quickly.  November 15 we were at the park without jackets.  Of course the sticks were more interesting than the slides and toys.
 We had to do a Thankful Tom the Turkey.  I loved some of Celecta's.  "Oranges, stars, chairs, etc."  Simple blessings.  It's always a good way to put our lives into perspective.
 We went to the Ogden Train Station Museum on one of Ryan's days off.  I was bummed it cost money, but it turned out to be more entertaining than expected.  This kid room was epic.
Working on the railroad.
 They insisted on wearing helmet.  Danny loves hats.
 Ryan is always good about getting the kids excited about stuff.  Even when it's not very exciting for him.

Celecta stopping the train.
 When all else fails, follow where the books lead.
 Re-enacting the first Thanksgiving.
When the pilgrims first got off the boat it was FREEZY!
 The hats didn't stay on very well.
Of course the Indians had to participate too even though they weren't there the whole time.
 The new park in Orem.  We went with cousins and had a pretty good time regardless of how crazy crowded and chilly it was.
 In case you were worried about them being too heavy for this toy there were kids that weighed twice this amount playing on these toys.
 Celecta found a treasure chest all by herself.
 Rockin' the boat.
 The Greg and Debbie Gee post.
 Danny playing peek-a-boo by himself.  He was hiding for a couple minutes.
 It's snowing!  For real this time!
 Danny doesn't like walking in the snow, but will tolerate it much better than last year.  Celecta can't get enough of it.  I'm trying to keep the snow clothes easily accessible so we can go out often.  Winter is definitely not hibernating season for my kids.  It's a challenge to get them to use enough energy to go to sleep at their normal time and Danny's naps only get shorter and sometimes it still doesn't work.

 We rushed out the door on a Wednesday to go to the Energy Solutions Arena to watch a BYU basketball game.  The last one didn't go so well so we were a little worried we were bad luck, but we eventually pulled it off somehow.  A good thing too!  It wasn't easy to get to the game on a work night.
 Me teaching Danny to stick out his tongue.
First goofy attempt.  Don't mind the corndog Celecta is holding that we snuck in.  I figure it's robbery to charge so much for food so I don't mind smuggling it in.
 Got everyone that time.
 Sledding for the first time of the season.
 The kids loved it so much Ryan and I only went a few times.  At first Celecta and Danny would not go backwards, but Ryan convinced them to and they loved it.  These are pictures of them going down on their tummies.

We went to the festival of trees.  It was SUPER crowded, but the kids couldn't get enough of their uncles and cousins and grandparents so they didn't seem to mind.
 Half the time I didn't know where my kids were and just hope they were connected at the hip with one of these boys as usual.

We finally built a snowman.  The snow was really good skiing snow when it first came down and really bad packing snow.  It was fun to watch them build it.  Celecta has been wanting to since it first snowed.  They used raisins for eyes, carrot for nose, leaves for hair and branches for arms and named it Frosty.  Danny stood on the patio to the left the majority of the time they were out.  He speculated, but wouldn't come inside and enjoyed a snowball fight after.
This season has been a different one.  Living in an apartment yet again and not owning our own house is a little discouraging for Ryan.  Especially when the end is not in sight.  We are expecting a 3rd child in May, which will give us added motivation to move, but will make it all the more difficult.  We are working really hard to be frugal.  It's quite the chore during Christmas season.  There is a positive side of things though.  As we try harder to be more frugal we are able to re-evaluate what is really important in our lives.  It's not the money that we use to buy material things.  It's the relationships we build everyday.  Most importantly the relationship with our Savior.  There is no present or amount of money for that matter, that can bring the amount of success, fulfillment, and joy than a closer relationship to the Savior can bring.  And the best part of it is it doesn't cost a DIME!  So keep smiling, keep praying, keep pondering, keep giving and this Christmas season will mean more to you than any amount of earthly possessions!

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