Monday, November 7, 2016

Can't get enough leaves!

This is us chasing fall up the mountains.  We had jumped in leaves a couple weeks before anyone else.  It's amazing how amusing jumping in or playing in or stomping in leaves is.  We just can't get enough of it.  You will probably notice such looking at this post.

 I left out throwing leaves in the above caption.  That one is also a must!

 If I refuse to hold Danny this is sometimes what happens.
 Even numbers are perfect for spike ball!  #bigfamilies
 More throwing leaves.  Some would take this off the blog because it looks so goofy, but I recently decided that these pictures are where you get a real laugh and see the true character.  I apologize in advance for any pain this may cause.
 Here is one to balance out the last.  My daughter can't help but pose.
 At Green Acres farm in Ogden.  It wasn't anything like cornbellies, but I think I liked it because of that.  :P  Small and simple is refreshing every once in a while.
 They had a slide there that was definitely the highlight of all who attempted it.  Danny even enjoyed it after he got over the trauma of Mom almost dropping him on the while attempting to mount it.

Silly kiddos (yes that include my husband).
 I love that he is not embarrassed to be silly with my kids.  And they love it, too!
Mini cornmaze
 Petting zoo.  Danny is getting so good at talking that he was naming a lot of the animals.
 Gardner Village after the witches festival with Cousin Benjamin, Isaac, Uncle Justin, and Aunt Jamie.  It was a bit nippy, but the kids had a good time looking for witches and spending time together.
 Celecta went to her first birthday party with a group that was mostly older than she was.  I was gonna post a pic, but realized some parents may not appreciate their kids pictures being shared with strangers.  She did really well and had a good time.  A year ago I don't think she would have liked it at all!  She is growing up!

 Pumpkin carving.  The kids actually got their hands dirty this time.  They didn't love it, but they did it.  Dad, Mom, Danny, and Celecta.
 Getting their hands dirty.
Warning: If you get motion sick don't watch this video.  The camera angle is very obnoxious because I couldn't make up my mind.
When you are Superman, all you really need is a cape (and wand).
 Superman and a fairy princess (a costume I wore when I was little).
 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Uncle Brent, Aunt Elaine, and Aunt Camille.

Halloween treated us mostly well outside of Danny feeling completely spoiled and not understanding why it ever had to stop.  Since then neither of our kids have been the same.  Their energy levels have peaked!  It is fun to see them excited and figure out what's going on, but it is not without consequences.  We trick-or-treated at a rest home, a grocery store, and a regular neighborhood.  I personally liked the rest home idea best.  Everyone was so happy to see kids!  Here's to hoping for a less than hectic Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.

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