Thursday, September 15, 2016

Travel Champs

We made it back from our vacations without injury.  I think our kids did a pretty good job, but I'm not sure I would ever go on a road trip or long plane ride for fun.  Danny wanted to get out most of the time, but was usually distracted if I exerted enough effort (movies do not entertain for very long).  Here is all the stuff pre-travels.  

My kids love wrapping themselves up in towels.  And they always look like little jedi when they do.
 Ryan's efforts to kiss up to the Big 12 at the Ogden fair.  I keep telling him he doesn't want in to such a bi-polar conference with two spoiled rotten teams, but he won't listen to me.
 These pictures are chronological, but Danny made the box before Celecta would.  She is so funny with new things.  Danny was happy to do it.  Once she saw Danny do it she decided it could be fun.

 Danny squishing Justin.  For the record, Danny got up there himself.
 All of the toys at our house eventually turn into hats.  His uncles' hats are more fun though.

 No comment. ;)
 Celecta learned what it feels like to touch a hot pan.  She was scooting the popcorn pan onto the burner better and this is what happened.  There were a lot of tears that evening, but she lived through it.  For a while she wouldn't use that finger and then she forgot about it.

 At the Bees game waiting for our David Ortiz bobble head.

 The past month these guys have been really good at waiting in line.
 There was a train you could ride at the game.  The aunts were the only ones patient enough to stand in line to take them on the ride.  They are smiling pretty big so it must have been worth it.

 We sat on the hill instead of in our seats.  Best idea ever!  Except maybe for those with roaming children (Jamie and Ammon).  It's a lot easier than trying to get the kids to sit in the same seat for hours.

Because I love him and he loves me. :*

 Getting back from the train.  I don't love baseball, but it sure is a nice sport to socialize and eat hot dogs and run around with kids during.
 Camille watched the kids while we went to the temple at Provo City Center with the Gees and apparently the kids didn't miss us.  Can't say that I understand why. ;)

The Aerospace Museum with the Smith cousins.  The boys enjoyed the planes and the girls enjoyed the company.
Trip to the store to get ice cream on a Saturday.  Celecta finished the whole thing.
 The beginning of the madness.  Thursday evening making the drive to Grandpa's.  Celecta slept most of the way and Danny was awake most of the way and wasn't much of a nuisance between snacks and toys.  Ryan and I barely made it awake though.  10:30 is too late to drive.  We didn't do that again.
Celecta's new car seat is not comfortable at all.  She was used to being reclined when she slept and it took me a couple of tries to figure out how she could rest her head.  Otherwise her head was flopping from one side to the next.  I felt so bad for her.
 Grandpa wanted to give the grandkids a ride on his scooter while we stayed with them.  It was fun to have the kids get to know Grandpa Moss and Judy better.  We had a really good time with them.
 This is at the Children's Museum in Phoenix.  The jungle gym was not meant for anyone over 4 feet tall and our friends were gracious enough to join us in it.  It was a relief to get out of it.

 It didn't take long for my kids to take a liking to Becca (our hosts).  They were really good sports.

 Ryan wanted a picture of the Chase Field.
 The rest of the day in Phoenix was a struggle so I had no idea what to expect of the kids at the U of A vs. BYU game.  Luckily it was indoor and our old bishop from Sahuarita sat behind us and his wife adopted our kids otherwise I don't think they would have made it.  It went so well we just might do it again, if it is anywhere, but Phoenix in September (HOT).

 Our walk before the game started.  It was strange to be cold during the summer in Phoenix, but familiar.

 Danny took full advantage of our Bishop Joost's wife's hospitality.

 Celecta playing games on the ride back.  I was amazed at how long the last hour was.  We listened to a lot of Veggietales.
 Then we got back on the airplane for Atlanta.  We survived the trip and the kids loved looking at the airplanes outside the window.

Waiting on the side of the road in our carseats for Patrick to pick us up.  Because they hadn't had enough of their carseats already.
The moment we arrived Ryan was a popular topic.  Can't say that I am surprised.
The 135 year old tree in Thomasville, Georgia.  This tree is being held together with cords and poles.  It was quite tempting to climb since the branches were so low to the ground, but I resisted.

 The kids roaming around the tree.
 A bunch of tree huggers.

They have an activity in downtown Thomasville where you can find little porcelain quail.  They give clues to where you go to find them.  
 Danny never left the stroller.
 There is a quail on the very top of that yellow building.

 Shrimp and grits and hush puppies.  I liked the hush puppies and fried pickles and Ryan liked the shrimp and grits.  "And so betwix them both you see they licked the platter clean."  It was yummy.
I never pulled my camera out at Patrick's because I never thought of it.  I am repenting here and taking lots of pictures.  This is Danny and Emma being introduced again.  At one point Emma left the room and Danny circled the front room saying, "Amma?"
 Celecta didn't want to swim in the big pool at first.  Then her cousins showed her how fun it was.  It didn't take long.

 Danny took more convincing to swim in the big pool.  He didn't love it, but tolerated it.  He prefers bath time I guess.

 Cousins drying out in the sun.
 Emma and Danny playing house.

Danny was pretty good at mooching off of his cousins who would rather pull or push.  Hopefully this isn't a reoccurring theme.

Patrick and Whitney got into town Friday night.  With all of the cousins there it was a riot.  Mostly the boys (Eddi, Danny, and Wyatt) fought over toys.  But the girls (Celecta, Sadie, Caelyn) had a good time playing together.

 Music time.  Leigh was playing the piano a lot.  Danny preferred the drums.
We somehow didn't get pictures of the actual event, but these slip 'n' slides were used by the older kids and there was a pretty good water fight initiated by Eddi and ended by the uncles.  It would have made Oma proud.

Now we are making homemade ice cream (requested by Lucy).  It turned out tasting pretty well, but surprisingly the kids had a hard time keeping up with the Georgia heat and it melted before they could finish eating it.

Of course the adults did a lot of the shaking.  The kids kind of helped :)

I think they were trying to catch Danny's face.  He has a hard time keeping food in his mouth thanks to his Dad's genes. ;)
A picture for posterity.  We were here!  We came we played, we cried, we laughed, we fought, we made memories.  It was worth the trip!

I love my brothers and miss them terribly!  It was not without sacrifice on both ends.  We are still working on sleeping and had a hard time getting the kids to eat anything that wasn't crackers on the way.  I'm so glad we got to spend time together and can't wait 'til we see them again!  Until then, I'm happy to be home.

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