Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vacation time is an understatement

I got on to blog today kind of hoping it would be a short one, but that was a very unrealistic expectation seeing as we had 3 or 4 different vacations this month.  

This is a picture at the bottom of the Grato.  The only hike we have done this summer and yet we have hiked a few times.  It is always a good nice hike for kids.  It was much more crowded this time around though.  There were two family reunions that took picnics that the top of the trail.  If any of you have been on this hike before you will know there is very little room at the top to sit and eat :P

 We made it to the top.  We weren't sure if the kids would play in the water, Danny was much more open to it than Celecta was, but it was pretty cold so mostly we just picked up rocks and dipped our toes and hands in and then some of our neighbors shared some splashes with us.

 Ryan, Lucy, and Cole.  They got a little closer to the waterfall at one point, but not under it like some.
 These two didn't get even close to it.

 These two getting in.  :)
 We visited the duck pond the next day.  We fed the ducks a little and then went to ice cream at the creamery after.  With the Moss's animals is always a good choice.
 Celecta and Sadie chased each other around on the deck.

 Lucy and Cole found kindred spirits who knew the same amount about animals as they did.  Very rare find.  Too bad they live across the country.
 On our way to ice cream.
We spent some time at the Bean Museum.  Animals.  The kids had a good time.  They know more about animals than I do.
 The Moss's needed a place to crash on the way to a friends so the Gees were gracious enough to share their place.  Who says they shouldn't have moved back to Orem? ;)
 Bed time at the Gees.
 Danny was carrying his blanket like a cape too.
 Danny playing hide and seek with Celecta.  He loves it.  Though it is never a surprise where he hides (he peaks like any good 18 month old).  He has the counting down to "Dee, Dee, Dee." (Three, three, three.)
 We have two chairs, but sometimes they share and don't mind.
 We went to a rodeo with Dad and Julie and Camille.  It was fun.  I hadn't been to one in a long time.  We had a good time even though Danny and I watched most of it from the walkways.
 He did like it.  He was just really restless and there was very little moving room at our seats.  Somehow I got him to sleep through the motorcycles.
 Trying to convince Danny his floaty was cool.

Upside down dancing.
Upside down again.
 We hadn't had enough of family vacations.  So we decided to go to Bear Lake.
 And Megan had her camera.
 We were only there for 2 days and 1 night.  They were great pictures though.  I couldn't choose which ones not to put in.

 Trying to play spike ball with 3 people and in the water.
 If any of you don't REALLY know Ryan you are missing out.
 Danny enjoyed grabbing one handful of goldfish and one handful of sand and switching off.  His diapers were quite full of sand for more than one reason for a while.
 Benjamin and Danny tried spikeball.
 Almost family picture.  Missing Celecta, I'm not sure where.  I think in the water.

 The next day was pretty windy and cloudy until we decided to call it a day and clean the cabin... then the sun came out. :)

 Because these three are inseparable.  And the big brother is not so big anymore.  ;)

Because this option is better than falling off the outside.
Next was a camping trip with Patrick and Whitney.   The kids couldn't get enough of being outside 24/7.  We need a yard.
 Walking to the beach on the first night of our stay.  With visitors, Milly, and Dad, and Julie.
 Celecta LOVED having little camping chairs to sit in even though they weren't hers.
 Singing songs with Opa playing the guitar around the camp fire.  Boy am I rusty!  It had been too long.
The next day it was cloudy so we decided to go on a hike, but it cleared up and got quite warm so we decided swimming would be more enjoyable only a few minutes up the hike.
 Daddy's are good sports carrying on shoulders.  Either I am not nearly as good at it as he is or it is just painful for him too and he does it anyway.  I tried for a little while and it hurt.
 Cousin-hand-holding picture.
These frisbees were the best toys ever.  They were frisbees sometimes.  And other times plates for leaves and dirt and other yummy concoctions.
 Dinosaur museum signature pic.

 We did Armor of God as the theme for FHE inspired by Grandpa Gees last email.  I don't think the kids heard any part of the lesson, but they thought their cardboard armor was pretty cool.
With all of the vacationing it is difficult to stay on top of the things that are most important (scripture study, prayer, FHE).  A member of our family had a very sudden and tragic loss occur to them.  It emphasized how important it is not just coast.  Even when life is busy.  We always need to be proactive in pursuing our testimonies and building the kingdom of God.  It is so easy to coast.  It is not easy to Choose The Right.  "May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong." -Thomas S. Monson.
We never know when trials are going to come.  When temptation to give up is going to seem too hard to bear, but we can always hope that we are strong enough to resist them and have faith that God will help us with the rest.

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