Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Father's and Fourths

We were outside on a day Ryan had a long shift and I realized this was a pretty neat backdrop for a picture.  For some reason Danny loves to back himself up to walls so it wasn't much trouble getting them to pose together.
 They were pretty good at silly faces.

I will save my tribute to Father's for later, but this guy is awesome!
Danny wearing Celecta's glasses...
Danny's "Ahhhhh" face at the Dinosaur Park.  They almost got eaten!

This is what we spent more of this month doing than I care to remember.  It always tears my heart out to see them so sick.  We finally got them on chronic medicine for their asthma flare ups and we are hoping it works.
We went camping for Father's Day this year.  It was a really nice campsite.  We spent quite a bit of time in this river where Celecta ended up getting her pants soaked.  It was very relaxing.  We will have to do it again.

 Hanging out in the cool shade.

 Cooking dinner over a hot fire.  Ryan was a good sport and did all of the cooking even though it was probably 90 degrees outside.  We did sing a few songs, but we couldn't remember a lot of them.

 We survived the night!  After such a warm day I expected it to be a warmer night.  Not so.  Any exposed skin froze.  Celecta pretty successfully burrowed into her sleeping bag, but Danny kept working his way out of them so it wasn't a very restful night.
 We had to rush back to the apartment to treat the Father's on the Moss side of the family to a Turkey dinner.  I didn't take any pictures, but I'm happy to say it turned out very nicely.  I would say Ryan was sufficiently spoiled.  It was a lot of fun to do, but I told Ryan not to expect anything that fancy in the future.  ;)
 This is a tribute to Grandpa Moss and Judy.  My kids LOOOOOVED the apricots!
 Celecta found this in the doll clothes we inherited from Oma.  They thought it was hilarious to wear the fur on their heads.
 Danny's Toupee.
To celebrate Grandpa Gee we met up to watch the air show in Layton.  It was much more complicated to find a watching spot than we had hoped, but we still got to see some cool performances and Gigi brought a lot of fun entertainment for the kids.
 As if the Gees hadn't had enough of North Ogden they came up again and drove the kids and I out to see the test fire at Orbital ATK.  It was a really good time to see Ryan and the kids did really well considering the 3 hour wait for a 2 minutes explosion and then the 40 minute wait to get out of the traffic.
I am married to a Rocket Scientist! 

Celecta will say, "Hugs, Danny?"  He doesn't always respond this way, but it's cute when he does.  These two are best buds!
 Camille and Elaine visited us and we decided to go to the splash pad.  The kids liked it, but didn't play for long, which seems to be a common theme with water lately.  I guess they didn't inherit the fish gene from the Gees.

 We decided to spend the 4th with our families in Provo.  Ryan got Friday and Monday off so we had plenty of time to party.  Unfortunately Independence Day celebrations are primarily in the early morning or late at night.  This is evidence of how worn out the kids are from partying this weekend.

 More evidence and some older kids were worn out too. ;)
 We got to see the new addition to the family on the Gee side.  It was fun to be a part of Jamie's family's new stage life.
 Early morning balloons.  I'd say it was a success.  We always mean to go, but never things it's gonna be worth it.  I'd say it was.  The kids enjoyed watching them get bigger and then lift off into the sky.
 Grandpa couldn't get enough of them.

Gigi's new kiddie pool.  It was just the right size!

 Ryan working out his baby muscles with his nephew.
 Celecta keeping Jamie company.

 Ryan taking Celecta Kayaking at Payson Lakes.  One of many activities on Monday.  We went to the Freedom Festival Parade where Danny waved at everyone and Celecta admired the "princess" floats.  Then the lakes where everyone was exhausted so we soaked in some canyon air on a walk.  Then a barbecue at the Gees.  It was a fun filled day!  We are all pretty worn out, but it was worth it!

I have a few more comments to add for this month due to Father's Day and Independence Day.
1. I am so grateful for my husband.  I don't know how many people have heard the phrase "Imperfectly Perfect", but I feel I am living it right now.  None of us are perfect and as so many have mentioned before if we found someone perfect there is no way they would want to marry us who are not perfect.  We all have imperfections but because of those we learn from each other and can come closer to each other as we help each other overcome our imperfections.  Ryan, you are imperfectly perfect for me.  I am so spoiled every day to learn from you.  I know we have been through rough times, but you make me smile through it all and I am so glad that we get to continue getting to know each other for eternity.  You are the best father our children could ask for.
2. My father has been such a love and support through the hardest year of my life.  I have found great blessings in being able to confide in each other as we learn from the experiences we have little control over.  He has been my guiding light and a true patriarch to our family even when it was not easy and has not give up on any of us.  What was once unthinkable is now possible.  What an example.
3. I have so many fathers in my life.  My father-in-law who spoils my children rotten.  I mean really rotten!  And demonstrates selfless service to his own children and wife every day.  My bishop who gives up his precious time to nourish those that are in need and to lift up and show them the hope of Christ and his atonement.  My Grandpa Dixon who goes on early morning walks every day and serves in family history work and immense other ways as he supports and loves his posterity (and it is not a small number).  My Grandpa Moss who has endured great hardship with a smile and who still plays the drums to keep a smile on everyone else's faces.
4. Our country.  There were a few times I teared up during the events of this weekend.  It seemed silly to tear up while the hot air balloons were being filled up or while I was watching the parade start, but I realized these things symbolized so much more than just a fun time.  They are things we get to do because someone else fought for us.  They are things we do to remember those that have suffered for our freedoms.  I am so glad to be an American and I am grateful for those who sacrifice so much for our country to be safe and free.  I pray for the leaders of our country often.  I root my faith in the leaders of our church.  I know that as we follow them God will bless us and our country.  

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