Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summers are for cousins

Our summer seems to finally be kicking off.  We have a lot of plans to see a lot of cousins thanks to my brothers coming out for weddings and reunions.  AND to my husband who found some cheap tickets for us to fly out in September (almost summer).  We can't wait!
Danny loves reading a book.  It is his quick fix.
 You would think this book is a little out of his league, but he loves it anyway!
 We met up with Whitney and the kids while they were in town for her brothers wedding.  We couldn't get enough of them.  Celecta and Caelyn were instant friends and Elaine was kind enough to help the climb around at our first stop at Antelope Island. 

 They loved exploring and even "picked some berries".
 The wind was pretty crazy there.  We made it out just in time to miss the crazy storm that hit.
 Wyatt being a champ hiking by himself.
 All of the climbers!
 The hideout.
 Partying on the hot asphalt eating snacks.
 Right before the storm.
 Our next excersion was the zoo... I thought I got more pictures.  It was a short visit for the Moss's, but the Gees stayed longer.  Ryan teased Caelyn and Celecta that they should have been the animals in cages because they would just run and run and run.  This is a peakock at the zoo (yes there are signs all over that say don't chase the birds, but some kids just couldn't resist).
 Ryan lived up to his role as the entertainer on several occasions.  This is just one of them.
 We are seriously considering retiring and Ryan looking into doing this as a living (if only).
Sunday was a party complete with popcorn and orange cooler!
 The kids couldn't get enough of all of the aunts and uncles!
 Next we went for a fun short hike up Payson Canyon with Nanna as our guide.  There were a lot of bridges to cross which the kids loved.  Apparently the rivers were much fuller than they have ever been this year.

 The trooper boys.
 When someone is trying to take a picture of you from both sides.
 The top of the hike.  There was a lot of water and a few wet feet.

 I wasn't quick enough getting out of the picture.  Ryan was smart and just hid.  This trail was not as successful because the canal was more fun to throw rocks in than to walk along.  We didn't get very far, but it made for a great picture.
 We finished off the visit with Ruby River dinner where Celecta, Ryan, and I all feasted on ribs.  It was yummy.
 Danny has discovered minky blankets.  Recently he will just lay on the blanket on the ground and snuggle with it. Unfortunately he found Celecta's pink ones while I was washing his blue one.  I think he may end up being more attached to a blanket than Celecta was.  Celecta had a great time wrapping Danny in them when he laid down.  Danny wasn't always happy with the way he was wrapped (over his face), but that's how most of their playing goes now adays.
 Ryan finally built the Estes Rockets I bought him for Christmas.  It has been too wet to launch them recently anyway.  We finally found the right day and location.  Unfortunately Ryan enjoyed it more than the kids (they spent most of the time being too scared to have anything to do with them).  I thought they were pretty cool though and we attracted an audience from the other play grounds.

There were two rockets.

The Gees decided they had had enough housework between their two houses and that they had better get away so that they weren't tempted to do more.  We were happy to have them up here for a night on Sunday and on into Monday a little.  We decided to take them to the duck pond and show them a different breed of ducks than the Provo duck pond where the ducks bite your toes.  These ducks are not very interested in eating the food which makes the local seagulls pretty happy.

Uncles chasing their niece.
 Danny is finally realizing how fun Grandpa is and does not only want Gigi when she is around.  I'd say it's about time!
 Jared with both the grand kids!

The next day the beautiful weather changed out plans.  We went to the park and played on the playground and then played frisbee and pet some local horses.  We had so much fun there we were in a bit of a hurry to start lunch and didn't get any pictures.  It was a good time and Ryan got to BBQ for the first time.  Afterward we hadn't had enough of outside so we all laid out on the lawn while the kids played in the pool.  It was pretty cold at first so Celecta was the only one in there, but the boys eventually joined with a little encouragement.
 Shade and a show.

 Danny kept filling up buckets and dumping them out of the water.  Once in the pool he threw all of the toys out just like in the bathtub.  Celecta commenced to dumping water on everyones head which was encouraged by the audience, but lets face it.  She would have done it anyway.  Benjamin was tolerant of all of the splashing and throwing... And participated in some throwing.
 Love the cousins!

You noticed a bit of a void cemeteries I'm sure.  We did visit my mom while Patrick and Whitney were in town, but did not document it.  Usually that is what we do on Memorial Day when my mom was alive.  I admit I did feel a tinge of guilt for not visiting anyone, but know that I have felt my mom and my grandmother's influence.  A wise person told me they used to visit their mom's grave quite often.  Then she realized that she did not feel her mom's presence at her grave, but in her home.  Personally I feel my mom most at the temple and know that she is smiling down on me when I go.  I still plan to continue to visit my mother's grave and I hope to do a grave visiting marathon when the kids are older.  I love that angels are among us, especially our ancestors, and testify that if we look for them we will notice them (alive or not).
One last note on Memorial Day.  I just read in the Book of Mormon about King Mosiah and his address to his people to not have a king, but to have judges.  He tells of the influence leaders have on their people.  King Benjamin and Mosiah were wise and righteous and their people were righteous as well.  King Noah was not righteous and led his people to bondage for many years until they were humbled and cried to the Lord and He saw fit to free them.  The conversation on Memorial Day with my relatives often turned to the current election.  It is not a topic I like to discuss because I am not excited about being led by immoral people.  There is so much to be applied from the scriptures to our day.  I know that they are true.  I know that through them we can be righteous and keep the blessings God has bestowed upon us and that if we choose wickedness we will lose the blessings God so earnestly wants us to keep.  I pray for our nation.  I have not given up hope because I know that is not what God would want me to do. I spread this message to others in hopes that they will not seek worldly desires, but turn to a higher law to be led by so that we will not be caught in the a snare just as King Noah's people.
I love our free country.  I love that people have the courage to fight for it's freedom.  I hear about families who give up their sons, husbands, daughters, wives, etc. and wonder how on earth they do it.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart for I know it is not only physically trying, but emotionally, and mentally and spiritually which can often be the most difficult trials.  And pray that their sacrifice will not be in vane.

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