Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May and Mom's

This was the month of moms.  For those of you that don't know my mom passed away a year ago on the 3rd of May.  My mother's-in-law birthday was the end of April.  And we all know about Mother's Day.  I'll start from the beginning though.

This is a picture of Camille coming up to keep us company while Ryan had a late night shift (it happens about every other week right now which is not my favorite thing).  The extra company was nice and we decided to fly kites.
 First we had to eat.  You can guess which food Danny chose between the Subway sandwich and the cheetos.
 This is Camille and Celecta flying their kite.  They did a pretty good job.
 This is a picture of a friend of ours and Celecta watching the horses walk around the ring at a park.  She loves playing at the park with her friends.  Unfortunately between sick kids and weather we haven't been able to go much this year.
This is Celecta's rendition of hop scotch.  It is mostly a bunch of circles that you have to hop in.  They love drawing chalk.
 Bedtime with Daddy is always much more exciting than with Mommy.  Daddy's voices are much better.
 It has been a great month for flying kites.  This is Danny in the bottom right corner and one of our kites.
 We had to go fly kites with Daddy since he missed out earlier on.  It was a good past time.  Celecta loved helping.
 Unfortunately I got too close to Ryan and spent most of the time untying my string.
 There's another shot of the kite.  I'm afraid these pictures will be a little too small, but I just realized they show off the mountains pretty well too.  It's beautiful up here!
 Here's where the mom's start.  We came down to Gigi's to celebrate her birthday with her.  We went to the rec center and the big kids played racquetball and then we swam.  Celecta loved swimming with her floaty on.  She was just braver than in the past.  Danny didn't love it so much.  He was cold most of the time.  Grandpa was the only one that got him to smile.
 Then we came home and ate as a family.  Ryan and I decided to run to the store and contribute the cake, ice cream, and balloons.

 The kids were pretty happy with that decision.

 Not unlike any other time we visit, there was story time with Grandpa and Gigi.  Who can resist that?

Celecta upside down at our neighbors house while we were babysitting.  
 I had to pull teeth for her to let me put a pony tail in her hair and it didn't stay in long, but here it is.  Her hair is getting long!
 This walk started out with Celecta riding the bike, but she was willing to share.  She still struggles wit her short legs, but Ryan managed to take care of the squeak so she doesn't have as many spectators (to view the squeak sound refer to earlier post of videos, it was pretty bad).
 Danny couldn't have been more thrilled about being able to ride it.  Anytime it comes out he wants to ride the bike.

 Our next outing was a cousin's wedding.  It was on a beautiful golf course.  We took a picture to rub it in to my dad that he missed out.  ;)

 We decided to drive down the day of my mom's anniversary.  Instead of buying gifts we made some flowers out of tissue paper (the puffy package of purple, pink, and green).  Celecta contributed some of her own flowers she made out of construction paper with her first time ever use of scissors.
 Us waiting for Elaine to arrive at home so we could do a temple session together.  Danny knocking on the door.
 This is a not so fun tidbit.  My kids got sick and of course the mucus went straight to their lunges and neither of them were able to breath.  Celecta got it first and hers was less severe.  She was not nearly as lethargic as Danny, but it was still pretty painful to watch.  Danny's episode came the next day and we had an appointment with the doctor where he prescribed some Albuterol and some steriods for him.  Unfortunately the doses of either medicine did not do what we want for either of my kids.  Danny's asthma got worse and we ended up in the hospital after verifying with my doctor over the phone that he needed to go into the ER (based on all that he could do was be held).  Once admitted we got a room pretty quickly.  The doctors suctioned out some mucus and then gave him two treatments of albuterol and some steroids and as you can see, oxygen.  He was his normal self again.  I felt pretty helpless at home and watching Danny suffer like he did regardless of his medicine.  I realized I do not appreciate my kids the way I should when they are healthy. And pray that I will be able to know what I can do to prevent another Emergency Room visit (it has not been uncommon for our doctors to not see the kids and insist we go to the ER because they are so lethargic from loss of oxygen).

Fortunately for our weekend plans, Danny stayed healthy enough to visit for Mother's Day.  There was still a bit of wheezing, but nothing compared to the day before.  This is us at the driving range with Opa after a barbecue with the girls and Nanna on Saturday.  Celecta was not very adventurous and would only sit in the blanket (Arizona baby).  Danny would have no part in sitting in the blanket.
 This is us at the Gees talking to Kyle on Skype.
 It was great to talk to our missionaries.  Sister Moss looks and sounds great and Gigi made it very apparent she was trunky for her missionary to be back.
I'm not sure how I made it through a year without my mom, but I am still here.  I think of her often and hope to end up like her some day.  It's a long shot, but maybe we will get there.  I am so thankful for all of the people that helped me get through this.  My husband and my kids are way up there, but today I'd like to thank the other mothers in my life.
My mother-in-law has been one of my best friends during this time of grieving.  She calls me often to check-in and will talk as long as I need to make me feel loved and cared for.  I am so glad she is willing to share her growing experiences with me.
My sisters (in-law and by birth) have also been great strengths to me as they teach me principles of the gospel through their examples.  They have all been great examples of selfless service and are living up to the heritage of service, and unconditional love, and support my mom left behind.
Julie.  I could not have chosen a better wife for my dad.  She has embraced all of us as if we are her own, as well as caring for her own biological children.  She is a great example of quiet, kindness and I am so blessed to get to know her.

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