Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!

 Celecta exploring new mediums in her drawings.
Ryan thought she should get started on some practicing writing her letters.  She's pretty good!  I'd say she doesn't need anymore practice!  ;)
 Missing Daddy.
 Danny is getting to be a pro walker!
 First attempt at pumpkin pie for pie day was a bust.
 I couldn't leave it at that and had to try again.  This one turned out much better.  Apparently you can't use frozen pumpkin (See picture above this one).

When Danny was first born I caught Celecta doing this (reading a book to him) all the time.
 Even the insides look yummy.
 Look what came in the mail!  J/k  It's amazing how entertaining boxes are to kids.
 Green eggs and ham.  I wasn't brave enough to do corned beef and cabbage.  It never measures up to Gigi's!
 I think the kids liked this better anyway.  Celecta loved putting food coloring in the eggs and waffles.
 Because we all like to play with soapy hair :)
Danny testing out his climbing skills.  He is really good at the climbing part and not so good at the balancing part on the top step.  We rarely get this out without him trying to join us.
Anytime I get out the broom Danny gets out his.  It doesn't make sweeping very easy, but I'm most certainly not going to discourage it.
 Our easter nests made out of No-bakes and jelly beans for FHE.
 Easter Egg hunt at the Gee's was a dream for Celecta and Danny.  Celecta had very little competition and Danny loved finding out the eggs had something in them and was content until it was all gone.  It was hard to get him to stop.

Story time with Gigi and Grandpa.
 Celecta colored almost all 32 eggs.  She had a great time!

 It was strange to have Easter before this man's birthday.  We went bowling after dinner of mac n' cheese (kraft, his favorite) and hot dogs.  Then he put together some airplanes and helicopters.  He was too busy putting his airplane together to look up for the picture.
 I showed Celecta that she can color her lips with malt eggs.  Now it is a regular thing.
 Because I haven't had a selfie with Danny in a while.
 This is how Danny feeds himself.  I wish I could have gotten my camera out faster.  He did have part of the banana poking out of his mouth.  He has definitely earned the title of chipmunk.  He eats like his dad.
 Celecta and Danny cuddles.  Doesn't happen often!  This is a lucky catch!
 Celecta put that headband in her hair by herself.  She has since been pretty obsessed with them.  They don't usually turn out this nice.
 On our way to Denver at 4:00 in the morning.  Celecta only napped from 5-6.  The rest of the way she was bright eyed and bushy tailed. She only got through half of a movie.
 Danny on the other hand, slept until 7:30 and was a champ the whole way.  I did have to sit back there a few times and help him eat, but still pretty good for rear facing (stupid law). Ryan and I kept waiting for an outbreak, but our kids are better traveling than I am.
We made a few stops.  One at at park in Rawlins that was pretty cool and one at a trail in Fort Collins.  We finally found some shoes Danny could wear and walk in outside.  We are pretty happy with them.  He did really good walking.
 Celecta and Ryan still had to turn around and do laps to keep him involved still.
 We visited the candy factory in Denver as part of our sight seeing.  Danny really liked that trip.  He slept through the tour and at lots of candy after.
 I'm sure most of you know how much Ryan loves burgers.  I think this is the first time he has ever had trouble fitting one in his mouth.  Don't worry.  He still managed to eat it all.
 Danny's new hat.  I thought it was pretty good and he actually kept it on.

The Gees also paid for a night out at Broadway Newsies play for Ryan and I for Ryan's birthday.  I'd say I'm a little spoiled.  They must be kissing up to me.  The dancing was amazing and the singing was pretty good too.  More than anything it was nice to have date night with my sweetheart!
 Random buffalos on the streets of Denver
 Coors stadium.  Home of the rockies.  Baseball games may be slightly uneventful, but they are a pretty good time.
 Especially when there are grandparents there who can't get enough of grandkids.
 Ryan has to take pictures of markees.
 Our selfie may be very amateur, but we are still awesome!  The drive home was a long one.  We left the game early and then Ryan drove for 4 hours while the kids and I slept.  It was midnight when we got in.  Then Ryan had an alarm set early so that we could get home, go to church, and he could go to sleep before his midnight shift.  What a man!
 This is after his midnight shift.  We went to the duck pond and fed ducks, or rather seagulls that had taken over the duck pond, then we came home and had ice cream.  Ryan lasted until about 6:00 o'clock and crashed.

 We went to the zoo the next day because Ryan thought a day off after a looooong shift is well deserved.  This peacock had it's tail feathers up but I wasn't quick enough.

 Danny is getting eaten by a bald eagle!
Celecta kept asking about the bears while we were there.  Lets just say she is no where near as enthused about this stuff as I think she should be.  But now she is praying that we can go back to the zoo "tomorrow".
My heart is so full today reflecting on the past month.  My life has not been a easy one, but I couldn't have chosen any better when I picked Ryan to be my husband.  I love him more than anyone in the world.  He can make me smile better than anyone else can and he loves his kids better than any other father could.  I just can't get enough of him!  I am so glad we were sealed together forever and wouldn't have it any other way!
Most of you know that Colorado has legalized marijuana usage.  We came in contact with quite a few people who were taking advantage of that law.  I have never seen a more miserable group of people.  They have lost all concept of true joy in life.  At first I'm ashamed to say I looked upon them with disgust and judgement, but I prayed that I could change my perspective and by the end of the trip anytime I saw a lost soul I prayed that they would find a way back to their Father in Heaven.  I am so glad to have the knowledge I do that gives me true joy. 
A difficult life is not possible to survive without the atonement of the Savior.  I am so grateful to know that He lives.  That He died for us that we might live again.  I can't imagine how wonderful it will be when I can feel the prints in His hands and His feet.  I pray I will come to know Him better every day just as my Father in Heaven would have me and that I will be worthy to live with Him and my loved ones again forever.  Because, what's heaven without family?

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