Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One-year-old, weddings, and spring

Danny's food pictures are much better than Celecta's ever were.
Danny's turn to have a sappy Mom.  This kid is cuddle bug and loves to work the system.  Who can resist a little one year old that wants to rest his head on your shoulder?  I certainly didn't resist when I had the time (not always).  He looks just like his Dad and loves women.  He is warming up to men.  It's becoming anyone that will play with him.  He knows when he is wanted and usually soaks up every minute of it.  He is friendly and smiles at most everyone now.  He loves to read books and play with blocks and is picking up a new hobby of drawing.  

This day was his 1 year check-up, his birthday, and the day I weaned him. He hadn't been sleeping very well so I figured I'd see if that helped.  He is 19 pounds and 29 inches.  Not a big kid, but he is growing.
 This is his first hair cut.  He was getting pretty shaggy, but I'm wishing I hadn't cut it... My little boy is all grown up!

 I fried the cheese directly on the pan and this is how it turned out.  I like my cheese to be chips ;)  Ryan shakes his head every time he sees it.
This is something Ryan taught Danny.  He's a goof!
Mom getting ready for the cousins to come into town we went through all of the winter stuff Mercedes sent us.  Of course there is a boot and glove without an owner.
 The Gees came up and celebrated Danny's birthday with us.  He liked the cake and loved the ice cream.  They gave him a basketball hoop for his birthday.

Celecta getting ready for the relatives to come into down.  Pink eye....

Visiting Gigi before the chaos.
Celecta made a snowman with her cousins.
 We probably didn't spend enough time out in the snow this winter...

 Snow angels
 Visiting the temple as a family.  All cameras should have a massive screen showing what the picture looks like in it.  All the kids were looking.
 Recovery from the wedding was rough.  It was a nice wedding, but Celecta had pink eye, Danny got HFM (and shared it with his cousins) and Ryan had the stomach bug.  Luckily only the one sickness spread, but it was a loooooong week for the Gees. 

Ryan stayed home with Danny on Sunday to make sure he got over his sickness and this is how he put him to sleep.  As mentioned above we were working on sleep training him.  He is doing much better now and will lay in his bed and put himself to sleep.  It was a hard week or so, but I'm not complaining.  I've heard worse stories.
Everyone can hear us coming from a mile away!  Her legs are a little too short, but she is figuring it out.
Celecta practicing riding her bike ;)
 Playing with the seat of Danny's saucer chair.  What a goof...
 Danny is a builder.  He did this all by himself.  He does like to pull things apart, too, but he is constructive as well.

 Danny dancing with his foot in the air.
 Peanut butter bars for Daddy... The kids liked them too.
 Celecta only ate the frosting. Who does this remind you of?
Cousins swinging at the Gee's Orem house!
 Danny playing hide-and-seek.  He was a little anxious to be found.
 Sticking out his tongue is Danny's trademark.  He did it a lot more when he was first learning to walk, but now that walking is a regular thing he doesn't do it as much (don't mind the cold sore or the pull-up).
I do not have picture evidence of this one, but today I walked down the stairs after showering to see why Danny was crying and saw that his face skin color had been changed to black... Celecta had colored his face, back, feet, and hands.  I thought, I should get a picture, but I didn't.

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