Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Spoiler... I mean spoiled alert

*These pictures are uploaded by most recent at the top so I'm going to start at the bottom... If you don't want to be confused you probably ought to do the same.

I guess this is where I get to be all sappy about my daughter.  There are so many things about her that inspire me.  She smiles all the time and is so quick to please.  She knows when someone needs a hug and rarely withholds it (if she knows the person).  She loves being a big sister and helping with Danny.  She has started to carry around my old doll and calling it her baby and won't sleep without it.  She has a great imagination and many friends, both real and imaginary.  I love her and hope to always show that.  Happy birthday to my first born and my mini Oma
Our hair is sooooo dry during the winter... I forgot how much static it caused.  I feel this way a lot!  Celecta has pretty priceless "crazy hair" though.
Don't tell.... On the way home from church because Gigi and Grandpa were being slow.
Celecta has now taken on the title of "Brents other woman"... She is such a charmer.  I'm hoping some day she will grow out of it.
Celecta played with the balloons the rest of the weekend.  We had an "Up" theme so that's why the balloons.
She got it right though.  Lucky for her her fiance has long legs and the two other contestants do not.
We threw Elaine a bridal shower.  It was a full house and quite a success thanks to everyone that helped.  I barely had to lift a finger.  This is the same game my mom had me play at mine.  Feel the leg and identify The Man.  It took a bit of coaxing to get her to start off.
This is the kids being babysat.  I'm not gonna lie I checked in on them quite a few times.  Danny has a tendency of being really ornery at night time, but according to Gigi they were fine and fun!
There it is.... kinda.  We had yummy bbq and fatty ice cream to top everything off.  Mmmm.  We were exploding by the end.
Because we don't take enough selfies anymore.  You can't see it, but that's the stadium behind us.
My dad's girlfriend got Ryan, Elaine, Brent, and I tickets to the Jazz game box seats through her work.  It was unlike any other game I had been to.
Danny learned to cross his legs.

He really needs a hair cut.  I am not brave enough to do it.  It does not stand up like this for long.  He has his daddy's straight hair.

Danny's new trick... It's a little creepy, but I get a kick out of it.

 Celecta snuggling with Danny to escape the wind.
These two are the same age, but I'm pretty sure Danny is 4 inches shorter.  He doesn't look so little in this one though.
Danny finally got out of the stroller and was excited to do some of his own exploring.

We went to the aquarium with some friends.  Celecta's favorite part was the rope bridge.  We went back and walked back and forth on it over and over.
Danny is one year old and his eyes still haven't decided what color they are.  He has a bit of yellow in the middle and then green on the outside...Hazel has always seemed like a disclaimer to me... I don't know what other color they could be though.
Recently Celecta has been on this new kick of getting herself ready every morning.  It was really nice to walk into the room and have her all ready for the day.  Unfortunately it converted to getting Danny ready too.  At first it started out with her rubbing hand sanitizer all over him.  Then it was eucalypitus rub.  Once I put all of those up Celecta decided to try to be helpful and change Danny's poopy diaper... it is all over in his bed.  What a big helper!... I think.
Here is Ryan's work wall.  We must have spent at least 30 minutes looking at this one.  Ryan was pretty excited to tell everyone what he does.  It really doesn't get much more exciting than rocket science!
We went to the Planetarium in Salt Lake to celebrate Grandpa Gee's birthday.  It was much more fun than we anticipated it being.  Celecta is on the moon with Megan here.
Celecta with her second cupcake because she finished all of the frosting on the first one.
I made cupcakes for Celecta's birthday and we ate them for breakfast the next day.  He liked that idea.  He is going to be much more fun with cakes on his birthday than Celecta was.

Moss birthday party.  Celecta got a backpack and books and school supplies... Mostly just because it was an easy theme.  Not because she is going to school yet.  Oh,  And a bunch of puzzles.

Danny wanted to try it out.
Here is the spoiled part.  Gigi threw a Frozen party for Celecta and got her a tricycle, along with a bunch of other stuff.  Boy is she loved.  I guess that's what she gets for loving so many others so freely.
Elaines fiance, Brent making snow angels without snow clothes.  He is Celecta's favorite, but she still thought he was a little crazy.
Danny loves Elaine more than he loves me.
Happy birthday to Oma.  Elaine and her friends dug her up again.  I couldn't resist the big bright balloons.  Even though it looks a little out of place.  The flowers from Christmas were still there when we got there.
Gigi loves her grandkids!  And they love her!
But he is happy.
Danny has the ultimate rooster tails every time he wakes up.
Celecta is now a full-time puzzler.  Any time she goes to Opa's she does 20 puzzle probably 3 times a day.
I don't get near enough selfies with this girl.  She is such a sweet little girl and she knows it.  Life would be empty without her.
Danny's first time walking one handed.  He learned in a game of "What time is it Mr. Fox".
Sometimes we send pictures of us to Daddy while he is at work.  Not sure if it helps cheer him up or just makes him want to come home, but we do it anyway.
This is Danny doing his daily squats.  :P  I thought it was pretty funny... maybe you don't.

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