Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Been a long, been a long, been a long....

.....Been a long year.  Filled with moments of joy of course.  Here are the ones I caught on camera finally!
 Danny finally crawling to and wanting Daddy for the first time.  Ryan was pretty excited.  This was Ryan's Christmas gift.
 Danny was not as excited to see Santa Clause.

 I guess our kids are not going into theatre... They do not like dressed up people...  Ryan had to sit on Santa's lap with Celecta.
This is our first time out in the snow.  I invested in a snowsuit for Danny and he could not do a think in it.  He wasn't happy unless he was being held.  Celecta had the exact same attitude at his age.  Luckily that phase is over for at least one of our children.

This family photo was a lot happier than our original Chirstmas card picture.

 I was loading up the car and someone tried to follow us.  It took some very strategic maneuvering to get in without him falling on his face.
 Danny's brainwashing.  TOUCHDOWN!
Visiting Mom's grave:  I was willing to settle for the general area of the grave.  She would know that we had brought flowers.

Ryan was not.  He started a new tradition.  He remembered better where the gravestone was than me.

Mary and Baby Jesus and..... Danny.  Celecta sat so reverently the whole time.
We had to have a nativity.  We were very short staffed with only Ryan, Celecta Rose, Danny, and Camille here, but it was good to remember the real reason for Christmas.
"Do you ears hang low" with Melissa and Gigi and Grandpa.  We got a set of books from Gigi.  The kids love them and look at them almost every day.  Celecta now has all of them memorized.

 Sledding with little ones.  We had to get out and enjoy some snow.  It was Celecta's first sledding trip.  It was a short trip once Celecta saw the playground in the distance, but she was happy being pulled up the hill and sledding down over and over (just a little spoiled).

Making gingerbread cookies with Melissa (and eating just a little dough).
This is what Ryan got me for Christmas.  I felt pretty bad opening the gifts he gave me.  I stayed in the budget.  He did not.
Danny's cheeks.
 My new phone camera.
 Isn't it amazing? ;)

 We went to the carousel at Riverwoods Mall.  Celecta loved it.

 Danny talks on the phone.

Everyone encourages reflecting on the year past on New Years Day.  I opted to reflect that I was glad it was over.  I did not feel particularly accomplished this year.  There is a lot that has happened and it seemed very little progress had been made.  I survived!  Hopefully this year I will be able to make progress.  
We did have fun though.  There is no doubt about that.  This was a late blog, but a needed one.  It was nice to remember and reflect on the good times and the blessings we received because there were many.  Even if they do seem hard to remember.  Doesn't make it any less important.  God lives.  He loves us.  There is no doubt in my mind.  It is fact.  All I have to do is look around me instead of getting caught up with what hurts inside me to know that.  I know He loves you, too.  And hope you come to know that for yourself.  It may take a little work, but there is no way I would be able to cope with the past year without him.  The work is soooo worth it!

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