Monday, December 7, 2015

Sick Month, Thanksgiving, Talented Grandparents, and Photoshoots

With this cold weather we have been trying to figure out things to do that won't compromise our children's health... We haven't been too successful.  This was our outing to the DI.  It was quite entertaining and we got some new/old books out of it too.

We of course had to visit Provo a few times.  Danny is LOVING holding fingers and cruising around.  He won't walk without them.  And he has to have both hands.

Danny loves playing the Kazoo.  He is pretty good too!

Celecta is so good with babies.  They love her too.  That is unless she is your sister.  Then she can be quite a pest.

Celecta was such a trooper at the doctor office while we tried to figure out what was wrong with Danny.  He was having respiratory problems.  We were there for a long time and found out he had Bronchiolitis.  The kids have been pretty consistently sick ever since then.  I'm guessing we got this one from the Children's Treehouse Museum.  Danny is breathing now, but now Celecta is saying a lot of, "Huh? What did you say? I can't hear you?"  She had a fever two nights last week.  Welcome to winter.

Basketball game with Justin.  The kids loved it.  Danny loved watching the people and Celecta loved watching for Cosmo.  She cheered anytime the basketball went in.

With all of the sickies at home we decided to eat lots of applesauce and Celecta shared.

We had a photo shoot with the Gees.  It was chilly and of course we had a very limited selection of warm clothes in the colors that were chosen even though there were 3.  This is Ryan keeping the baby warm in between pictures.  Danny was still getting over his cold so we wrapped him up pretty good.

Celecta saw the swings, was feeling a bit sick, and didn't want to smile at all.

The boys were the comic relief.

It was exhausting. :)

Danny loved Rawley.  Rawley did not love him.

Matching! so cute!

Danny and Benny getting to know each other.

We visited Grandpa Moss in Saint George.  It was so fun to see them.  The kids loved it.

Grandpa sitting with Celecta.

Celecta was Judy's little shadow near the end.

More pies for Opa's birthday.

Daddy is pro at speed reading when there is something else we have to get to.

Ryan had 3 twelve hour shifts this week starting at 12am.  It was so nice to have him home this weekend and to make up for lost time.  We decided to go to a BYU game at the Energy Solutions Arena and then visit with Grandpa and have some Chinese and then go see the Temple Square lights.  It was nice to do something as a family this weekend.
Daddy snuggling and warming the kids up after work.

We set up the Christmas Tree.  The kids loved the lights and playing with the ornaments.

This was my favorite part.  I love the new nativity I got from Gigi.  This is the only way I am going to get through this Christmas is remembering the hope, light, and love of Christ and celebrating his sacrifice.  I couldn't have gotten through this year without it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful little family. I enjoyed having you here for a little while.