Thursday, November 19, 2015

A month late but not a dollar short

Sunday walks are always more fun with these two.

The beginnings of crawling.  A step up from the rolling and down dog worm he did before.

Apparently Oma taught her this.  I don't recall Oma ever calling it "bobbling her dress", but I'm always happy to hear her memories of Oma.
Danny watching me in the kitchen.  
Convincing Celecta she wants to wear this dress for church.  It didn't take much once she saw the picture.
Danny had to be moved down from his bassinet setting. I was sad when Celecta started pulling herself up too.  I always feel like the baby is free falling for so long.
Slinky smile.
Eating an apple on our porch soaking in the sun before winter time.
Daddy shaking Danny's arms.  Danny likes it a little.
Cornbellies.  We weren't planning on wearing winter coats, but were sure glad we had them when we got there.  Danny's is just a little big.  This is not how he was most of the time there.  Usually he wasn't excited about wearing so much.

Celecta took some convincing that she liked this place.  There were so many things to do for kids if it weren't so cold and it didn't get dark so fast.
Little lady.
Grew, Camille, Celecta, and Danny.  Celecta was so happy Camille came to play with us.
"Daddy is corn!" -Celecta
We made it through the cornmaze in record time thanks to a shortcut that we didn't know we were taking.  The kids were pretty happy about that modification.
Celecta was a bad girl!
Daddy indoctrinating our daughter.
She loved the game better than Danny did.
What's not to like about having so many people to play with (it would not have been this way if it hadn't been the wagner game).
I guess we need to exert our efforts on this one now... He took some convincing to sit in the hot sun.
Celecta getting some elevation.

Our pumpkins.  Mom, Celecta, Dad.  Celecta still refused to touch the pumpkin innards.

At the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.  Celecta loved the puppets.
Little houses in the treehouse museum.
At the park with some friends.  She is really hard to see, but behind that post in the middle she is helping her friend walk back to the play place.
Danny's down dog position.
Golden spike museum with the Gees.
Halloween!  The kids were great sports.

It's funny how after 3 times dressing up each time gets less and less of a big deal.  Celecta loved being Cinderella.
Jack-o-lantern keish and bean dip.

Kids lovin' bath time.

I would give a better update of the family, but I'm gonna be doing another blog in a week.  I'll just do it then.

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