Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dinosaur park and roaring tiger and prancing pony

These are very belated pictures of our camping trip this summer for Father's Day.  Compliments of my sister who is the only one who took pictures.
 Danny's Winnie the Pooh pajamas.  He only wore them once this year because they are so warm, but I think he appreciated them.  He slept very well that night.
The morning after camping with 2 four month old babies everyone looks relatively good.

We should have named Danny "Bee" instead.
 Celecta went to the Dinosaur Museum for the first time this year with my cousins.  She loved seeing the dinosaurs and can even pronounce some of the names.  Of course her favorite part was probably still the swings and would have been the slide if she had longer pants on and they weren't so hot.
 Celecta and her second cousin Lincoln getting eaten by a T-Rex!

 I must have given Danny a drink just before this picture... That or that is just 4 teeth worth of drool.
 Ryan teaching the kids how to play the trumpet.  As you can see Danny is a natural!

Daddy lovin.
Trying out a burger joint in Ogden called Best Burger.  Still doesn't compare to Burger Supreme or Red Robin, but it was good.
 To say he is a "proud grandpa" is an understatement. :)
 Celecta and Gigi spotted the playground!


 The neighbor boy was home most of last month and anytime he was outside she said we needed to go play with him.  It's so nice to see her becoming a little more social.  They both soaked their shoes jumping in puddles.
 The first snow on Ben Lomond (view from my kitchen sink window).  I have become quite attached to that mountain and think of how my mom used to lookout her window at Timpanogos when I look out mine.  I hope to climb that mountain someday!
 Celecta learned to wink!  I know some adults who still can't.

Keeping it in the family.

 This is our the first time Ryan and I have been to a Chinese restaurant outside of Panda Express.  Needless to say we felt pretty clueless as to what to order.  After I ordered I recognized some of the dishes names from left overs my parents brought from China Lilly.  So I ended up with Orange Chicken and Ryan ended up with General's Chicken.  We aren't very cultured I guess.
 Danny still likes to peek out anytime he can.  He gets really mad when I put my arm on top of the cover so that he can't.  What a goose!
 Celecta and one of her chosen playmates!
 Oh snap!
 I went to get Danny and Celecta out of bed and this is what I walked into.  Danny quite enjoyed it.  She just can't resist waking Danny up in the mornings.
 Pretending to sleep... or at least one of them is.  Celecta loves to pretend to sleep and then be woken up.
 Because they don't have very many pictures together.

Celecta loved Dinosaur Park so much we had to bring Daddy with us on his day off.  She loved it just as much the second time as she did the first.  This one is a picture of a fossil in the rock on the left.
Celecta is peaking out of that little hole in the tree at the top.
 Soooooooo BIG!
 Don't eat me!

Because Daddy was gone and missed his kids.  We sent a picture to him.
 Because Daddy was gone we made broccoli cheese soup!  We loved it!  He would not have. :P

Danny has learned to scoot forward by doing the worm, but he is much better at scooting backwards and is quite consistently scooting himself under that bench or the couch.
 Ryan endured the screaming and put him to sleep.  Something about Conference week (not just weekend) that made Danny not want to sleep.
 Celecta warmed up to everyone at conference at the Clegg's right before we had to leave, but Danny LOOOOOOOVED Corey.  He would fuss at me and then Corey would come up to me and start making him smile.  We threatened to send him home with Corey, but we would miss him too much.  So Danny is sitting in Corey's lap on the left and Celecta's little head poking up from behind the recliner on the left with Ethan.
This is Celecta's favorite chore!  Hopefully it stays that way.

As shown above Celecta loves to make up her own songs.  We are now working on potty training and once I started bribing her with the right treats. She enjoys playing with friends and is loving the fall air with me.  Danny is scooting and babbling and singing and has a 4 toothy grin.  He is testing my patience by fighting sleep, but we are still hopeful he will go back to being the good sleeper he was.
Ryan s burning both ends of the candle with the late BYU games, 4:30AM work, and the 3PM-3AM shifts at work.  Needless to say his sleeping schedule is messed up.
I am hanging in there and have been learning.  Everyday is a new day, for which I am very grateful.  Everyday is different.  Some are better than others.  Everyday has something good.

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