Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Never ending blog to a quickly ending summer (part II).

Celecta's new shoes
First day at Bear Lake beach with the Gees.  He liked it a little.

Celecta did not wait long to get in the water. She was pretty impressed that it was so shallow so far out.  For a while she wouldn't get down until she was sure it was shallow enough.  We brought a bunch of water toys, but she didn't need much.  She did enjoy ambushing people with water guns though.
Grandpa introducing Danny to sand.  Danny didn't need any introduction to figure out it feels kind of cool in his mouth later on.  Grandpa likes his grandkids just a little :)
Celecta was in and out of the water before most of the people even got to the beach.  I was waiting for it to warm up.  It was a balmy day without water.
This is going to have to be a regular trip for us.  Celecta is a beach girl, sand and water in one place, plus its only 2 hours from our house.
The Gees got a paddle board.  Ryan and I were both able to stay up.  We were pretty proud.

Celecta loved Grandpa's sail boat.  It's just her size.  
Justin squirting the camera and Celecta posing... typical :)
I couldn't pick just one picture.

Jared and Celecta bonding time.

Grandpa getting Celecta warm.
Danny was gracious enough to sleep at the beach so I didn't have to miss out on play time.
Celecta slept really well once we got back from the beach, but would have stayed another week.
Seados.  Word of advice.  Wear basketball shorts.  It is much more comfortable.
It's amazing how one little one can change the mood of the older ones.  All the sudden everyone is digging in the sand and building sand castles.
Raspberry shakes and fried chicken and fries to top it all off.
Danny does not like missing out when he is nursing.  So he launches himself backward.  Not sure why this is how he chooses to get out of it, but he will just sit there upside down for 10 minutes if I let him.  Some mistook him for his cousin Benjamin because he doesn't have as chubby cheeks.

Celecta got new pajamas finally.  They fit and she loves them.  She chose mismatch pants the night before and then got up in the morning and decided she changed her mind so she put the matching pants on over the top, but didn't get them pulled up quite all the way.
Happy birthday to me!  A recumbent stationary bike!  

Celecta sucked on this pickle for an hour.  She wouldn't bite it.

Daddy breaking in my new toy.
And a new dishwasher, but that was from our landlord.  Still a great way celebrate a birthday.  Clean dishes!
Danny happy on his tummy.  Very momentous occasion!
Another fair at the Dixon reunion.  More big fat cows :)
And a lot more Danny....

Helping us eat our snowcones.
Danny is graduating from his bouncy chair.  He pulls himself up now.  

Celecta's hair is long enough for french braids.  Not sure how often I will get to do them without the assistance of a show.
I realized the other day I don't have any selfies with Danny.  What a cute, chunk!

Payson temple with Camille for the first time.  It was a sacred experience.  What a beautiful temple.  It was hard to not have mom's physical presence but we felt her in spirit.
We went to Art City Trolley after.  What a divine way to end a divine experience!

Can't get enough of this big boy!
Grandpa Dixon and Danny!
The Gees were champs and watched the kids while we went to the temple.  We were sad to miss a Gee gathering.

Daddy didn't work until 3 on Monday so we tried to make the best of our time with him since he would be gone until essentially 12 (when he wakes up after a 12 hour shift).  We went to a duck pond near our house.
Welp!  That's us!  Danny has two teeth and loves sitting up and eating solid food.  Celecta is making up songs and playing with friends at the park.  Duty calls!

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