Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Never ending blog of a quickly ending summer.

It has been too long since I wrote last.  This is going to require two entries.
Right after the reunion with the Mosses we went up to Lagoon and had Lagoon day with the Gees.  Celecta rode a few rides and so did Ryan and I.  It was the perfect way to do Lagoon with kids.  

Of course this one was a classic.  And you can get that most fairs.
But the train was a big hit.  We did this one a few times.

Danny's hair is dwindling.  I miss the thick, dark hair.  He is sporting a pretty good mohawk hair do right now.

Making muffins and watching them cook.
Gigi came to visit us while the boys went to California.  It was a great time!  
Celecta loves getting giggles out of Danny and she is the best candidate for it, too.
"Red shirt, Blue shirt, Green shirt,.... oops!" -Sandra Boynton (Shirt on legs and pants on head).

We finally revisited Grandma Dixon's grave.  We had a picnic.  It was good to see Grandpa.
I wanted to try out City Creek Mall for the first time and it was a big hit.  Celecta LOVED it and was soaked to the bone.

The aunts came up to visit after Megan got back from Europe and Melissa was still in between school.  It was great to have them.  We just can't get enough of them.

Daddy dressing Danny.
Oma's grave on Camille's graduation weekend.
Bubbles in memory of Oma.
We had dutch oven up the canyon to celebrate and Celecta saw the creek and it didn't take her long to get soaked in the freezing water.

I don't know how she did it.  I couldn't keep my feet in the water for more than 5 seconds...
It was a crowded day up the canyon so we got a spot without grass originally and Opa was a champ and found a spot that someone had left.  The dutchovens were cooking so he had to carry them over without melting his pants.  Ryan was kind enough to catch any stray coals along the way.

My first attempt at bread!  This is the site I used to entice Opa to come up and visit. :)
Megan is now in the MTC.  She has been a champ!  She is now in Santa Maria Brazil!
A picture of Danny because he is cute!  (I have a lot of those)
I pumped for the first time.  It was successful!  Danny taking it from a bottle is another story though :P
We went to the fair and got our fill of cows, horses, pigs and poop! "That's a big cow.  That's another big cow.  That one is brown!"  Our judging criteria.
Celecta and her chicken wings in front of the poultry house.
Beautiful mountains! I love Utah!
We had stake conference right next door to the temple so we went for a walk afterwards.
It was a beautiful stake conference with a message of hope and faith and prayer.  Something I can always improve on.

Beautiful Ogden Temple.

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