Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer begins

Some one smaller than Danny :)

An attribute that can only be properly taught from Grandpa and Aunt Megan.
Inspecting pine cones in her new sun dress
We are having to re-educate our daughter because Ryan liked to end one of her favorite songs with "Goooooo UTES!" because it sounded so much like the Utah fight song.... Sacrilege I know.
Celecta likes to sing this song every time she helps me unload the dishwasher.  She loves to help with the dishes.  Hopefully it doesn't wear off.
Doing her Oma proud eating her hot dog.
We took Grandpa Gee to a baseball game to celebrate a baseball game.
We road the tracks and Celecta loved it.
Nothing more fun than time with Grandpa and Gigi....

.... and Megan
This is Ryan's car post Promontory drives.
First strawberry. He wasn't very good at holding it.  He has had stomach aches so we are slowing down on the introduction to food in hopes that it resolves itself.
The best snowcones I have ever had are in North Ogden!
Colored tongue contest
Celecta's hair after we took out her pigtails.  It was pretty prime.  
We celebrated Opa's father's day by going to Payson Lakes, eating bratwursts and smores, and camping.  We planned as much of it as we could and prayed that the kids would let us sleep a little bit. Both of the babies and the kids did really well sleeping.  We may have to go again although our expectations are probably going to be unrealistic now.
Sometimes I put Celecta to sleep on my bed after she gets up with the sun so that I don't have to wake up with the sun.
Raspberry fingers
Celecta has noticed Mom putting on sunglasses.  Anytime I put mine on she asks for hers.

Celecta has started to stand on her stool and announce the song she is about to sing and then she sings it for us.  She has just recently started making up the songs.
Danny refuses to roll all the way to his stomach.
Celecta is the best candidate for getting giggles
We went to a splash pad and I didn't expect her to get in, but she eventually came with me and put her feet in.  You can see in this picture that it morphed.
It took some convincing to get her to stop walking around while it was on her head so we wouldn't have to take a trip to the er.
Danny's hair dried this and I couldn't get it to settle down.

We are still moving forward one day at a time and celebrating small victories such as making dinner. 

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