Sunday, July 26, 2015

Long awaited reunion of twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes

First day with the cousins.  There were many hugs and squeals.  They couldn't be happier.
This is the quickest Celecta has ever been at warming up to people lately.  It probably helps that she saw her about two months ago.
Danny leaned on the "coffee table" without any help.  He doesn't pull himself up on things yet, but he still hasn't rolled to his tummy on his own.  I think he may walk before he crawls...
Celecta's first makeover.  These two had to be watched a lot closer than their parents were used to.
Celecta helping Gigi make cookies.
Cole was describing an explosion of some sort and Danny couldn't get enough.

Celecta and the dancing crew.
Visiting Oma's new headstone.
What a beautiful view from the grave.
Babies saying hello to Oma.  I'm sure Oma loved this!
Cousins at Oma's grave!
Visiting the duck pond with Gigi and Grandpa.

The Real Salt Game.  You can't see it in this pic, but Devin and Ryan are twinners. :)
Shoes on fingers.  Celecta's favorite toy at Gigi's
Danny has gotten really good at sucking on things.  We did manage to replace his thumb with the bink.
Our hike at the reunion in Kamas.
Dad loved sharing his love of the Uintahs with us!

These three fed off each other pretty well when we hiked.

Cae's smiles.

Cousins eating lunch on the hike.
The troopers that kept going.
Our updated family pic.  I'm sure Oma is in there somewhere.
One with all of the kids looking
The foursome.  One of these things is not like the other.  Youngest to oldest.
Provo River falls.  One of the most beautiful places on earth!

Beautiful scenery and not very good lighting.

Hike number 2.
Skipping rocks.
Tyler sporting his daughter's hat.

This was the toddler car, plus Eddie.  They LOVED it.  Celecta asked to ride with Devin and Mercedes every time and now.
Listening to Grandpa on the harmonica.
Grandpa Dixon used to play music for us at bedtime every time we came to visit.
Celecta picked all the marshmallow out first.  Of course I missed that part.

Megan went into the MTC while all the family was in town.  We missed her dearly.  She has done so much for all of us the past few months.  And we will continue to feel the blessing from her service in her absence.
Devin's mouth competing with a hypos.
Bean museum


Like mother like daughter :)
We went to Thanksgiving Point and saw the animals.  Celecta even fed some of them.
Devin's lap is not quite big enough.
"Ladies go to market a trit trit trit...."
Danny learning to sit.  His cousins teach him so well.
Sadie started a trend of going for walks in shoes at least 3 sizes too big.
My dad figured out how to get Danny to smile.

Provo Rec Center.  Celecta LOVES swimming.  After her difficulty with baths we are pleasantly surprised!

Cousins sharing ice cream cones.
Moral of the story is Houston, Georgia, and South Carolina are too far away and we are going to have to figure out how to get over there more often.  Celecta has been asking for Lucy, Cole, Sadie, Leigh, Alden, and Caelyn ever since they left.
We definitely felt the void of Mom, but it was pleasant to have the rest of our family around.  We felt the strength of each others love.

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