Thursday, June 11, 2015

Keep on keepin' on

May was quite the adjustment.  I am happy to say I think we have all made major improvements from the beginning of may to now.
Celecta is turning into quite the dancer.  She loves dancing to Opa playing the drums and has started to dance to any kind of music.  Of course she does have her preferences, but this one was pretty precious because she was dancing with Winnie the Pooh and her shadow.
It has been raining so much we were having to get creative on what to do on the weekends.  Ryan wanted to take his daughter to Chucky Cheese.  He and his siblings loved this place as kids.  Celecta on the other hand didn't really know what to do with herself and was pretty unresponsive to any of the rides or games.  We did manage to get one smile out of her on this ride and another when she got to buy a straw with her tickets.
Exhibit A
One-on-one time with aunties is priceless in this girls world.  This is why.

We visited Oma's grave on Memorial day.  We wanted some special markers since there wasn't a grave stone.  We decided a fat frog was fitting since she loved to have fat animals around the house and a hummingbird feeder since she was always pretty fascinated by them.  Unfortunately the humming bird feeder did not meet protocol so it was confiscated, but we did bring home the frog.

Megan has remarked before that she thought she could fit in my dryer it was so big.  That is one of the reasons I bought it :)  Well, apparently Celecta does fit in it.  I did not coax her in there she did it on her own.  I took a picture and then told her she wasn't supposed to sit in there. :P
Jared came to visit us while he was training in Ogden.  It was a nice change of pace and good to have a visitor.  He is pretty good with kids although he may not admit it.  His niece and nephew love him.
Megan has been babysitting the kids once a week for me.  They like the break and we appreciate Megan's time.  Danny says, "Look, Mom, no hands!"
Ryan doesn't really understand why I took this picture because he thinks these too look alike when they are awake, but I don't see it unless they are sleeping.

We celebrated Grandpa Dixon's 80th birthday by flying kites (request of my mom).  The weather was perfect.  Not too hot, and windy enough for our kites to get some air.
Ryan is flying a kite here.  It is really hard to get a picture of someone successfully flying a kite.
Celecta is flying Olaf right here.

Celecta holding Benny and Danny.  She loves her babies!
Benny and Danny holding themselves... kind of.
Megan did Celecta's hair.  And decided to join in.
Singing in the rain.  Celecta LOVES umbrellas.

The thing we learn to do when we have kids around.

We finally made it to one of the old friends gatherings and it's a good thing we did.  Look who is once again in the states!
Celecta took this picture.  She had just watched an episode of Daniel Tiger about playing nicely and being friends.  She placed all of these dolly's on my lap and said they were friends (Yes there are her dinosaur toys on the shelf all perfectly lined up, that is how she gets her thrill).
Mom sent me this while we were in Tucson and I was without a car or family within 9 hours of driving.  I think it all still applies except for the last part.  It's just a whisper away.
Danny is making me a liar all the time.  He probably talked to me for 5 minutes before I pulled out my camera.  Celecta wasn't helping much.  She always has to make some kind of appearance in the videos.  She gets that from her dad.
I spoke to my mom about this romper when I bought it.  She always loved rompers and never got to see it so I took a picture.
Danny straddling Opas toy.  He was trying to get it in his mouth.
Danny grabs.  I will admit I cheated on this one, but he does grab your face.  Like I said... he is constantly making me a liar.
We made it through the month.  It wasn't easy and we didn't do it alone.  So many wonderful people have reached out to me and even if I didn't take advantage of them I want them all to know that it is nice to know that people care.  The church is true.  God loves his children.  And families are forever.

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