Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Catching spring and catching up!

I am so behind.  I have a good excuse I promise, but I'll save it for later.  My kids are all growing up so quickly.  The day Danny was born was definitely divine intervention.  He has brought so much happiness during my darkest days.  He is a good boy and loves to interact and smile and talk.  Celecta is loving her brother a little TOO much, but it is a joy to watch them play.  She doesn't have to try very hard to get Danny to smile.
We spent very few weekends at our apartment in the spring.  Between general conference and spring break and birthdays I did not feel like a resident of North Ogden.  It all ended up turning out for the better.
Danny talks through his nose just like Celecta did.  It is adorable!
This is our General Conference picnic.  I believe these pictures are part of the last blog.

For spring break the Gees were gracious enough to come down to Ogden Canyon and rent a condo.  We got to participate in all of the activities because of it.  It was great to spend the vacation with them!
Oma was kind enough to find a white suit for Danny for his blessing day.  I had to fold the arms and the legs up about 3 inches so that you could see his feet and legs.  The blanket was from of my Grandma Dixon.  The blessing was beautiful.  We kept it small since our little town home wasn't large enough to host very many, but I thought it was perfect.
No, Ryan and I did not plan to match.
Celecta loves to do "Pat-a-cake" with Danny.  She is not nearly this mellow when she does.
We went to a Jazz game with Mark and Dana Burton, and Jared and Justin Gee and arrived a little early so we walked around the mall and noticed a wall of all of the Olympics Volunteers.  I am related to two of them in the picture below.  Can you find them?

Celecta would not get anywhere near the water until Ryan picked her up and started dancing with her.  This is just the tail end.  I thought I was recording when I wasn't. :P
The first thing my parents said when I told them we were moving to North Ogden is that there was a Zaxby's up there.  It took us a while, but we finally got around to it.  Ryan loved the buffalo wings and the salad was great!
Danny trying out the bumbo for the first time.  He didn't last long thanks to his big Robinson head.
Ryan decided to change it up one morning and asked Celecta to read to him.  She is sooo good at memorizing.  I was quite impressed.  Now she reads to Danny and her stuffed animals
Everyone says Danny looks just like his dad.  Well, Ryan was trying to look like Danny in this picture... I really don't see it ;)
Oh that's better!
Celecta's addiction to the swing is just the same as it ever was.  One of these days she will learn how to swing by herself.
Danny's second time in the Bumbo... 

Celecta was so proud of the rainbow she drew with the sidewalk chalk.  You can see most of it on the ground.

This is a mailbox that we passed on the way to the library... Not sure where they found this.
Ryan came home one weekend and asked what our plans were.  He said we should camp out in the front room so that Celecta can get used to sleeping in the tent.  He is so happy to be out of Tucson.

I had to come down 3 times to tell Celecta to stop rubbing the side of the tent and go to sleep.  Ryan was out before was even close.
For Gigi's 50th birthday we wanted to do something special so we went to build-a-bear and made a bear together.  Celecta was pretty apprehensie at first, but once bear was stuffed she warmed up to it. We named her Rosie.

Celecta has started to run away when it's time to get any kind of clothing on our off.  Sometimes Ryan plays along.
Tyler and Brandie invited us on a trip to the zoo.  I wasn't sure if I should go because Ryan was going to be home that day after a 3 pm to 3 am shift at work.  I am glad we did and I think Ryan is, too.
The peacock with it's feathers flared!  I think it was competing with the rooster.

Apparently the Gee's contributed to the bear exhibit.
Celecta having Oma time.
She was awake until 4 and fell asleep about 5 seconds after we got in the car.

This is Celecta's and my new favorite park.  She has started to pick up the stick collecting business, but doesn't do too well because her sticks always end up in the river.
Spring is a beautiful time of year.  Any time there was sunshine we were out in it.  Unfortunately there wasn't a ton of that, but we were grateful for the rain, too.  North Ogden is a beautiful place to live and suits us very well.  At least the hour and fifteen minute drive does anyway.  We have seen a lot more of family and love every minute of it!  Hopefully they do, too.


  1. Love this!! You guys are so adorable. I looooved the video of Celecta reading to Ryan, so cute!! :)

  2. Thanx for sharing. I really enjoyed the pictures and the videos.