Monday, April 13, 2015

.... continued... Birthdays, holidays, sick weeks, and birth months

 Who wouldn't go through labor for this little one?
 First smiles!

 Daddy playing with his kids.  He doesn't get much Danny time so I had to document it.
 Ryan got home and went upstairs to go to the bathroom and told Celecta to wait downstairs for him.  She was very obediently and patiently waiting.

First, same-day-cousin pics.  Judging by the picture you probably thought one had a least a month on him.
 At the park for Grandma Gee's birthday party.  Couldn't get enough sunshine!

 These two ended up in the same outfit without planning.
 Smiling at Grandpa!
 Celecta got sick and had a fever for 3 days!  THEN a cough that she is still getting over.  I am happy to say she is acting much more herself.  For a while I was trying to figure out who had taken my happy girl.  Now she is constantly saying she is cold after meals.  We resolved that quickly.  This is at the beginning of the fevers.  :(

 Her ponytail ended up on top of her head today... I can't get enough of her hair!
 Sick girly... I would find her doing this a lot!  She couldn't sleep through the nights so she was constantly tired.
 Celecta's easter egg over conference weekend and Gigi's house.

We had a spring here that makes up for the one we missed in Tucson.  These trees had white blossoms with pink buds.  It was beautiful!
 As you all know Celecta loves to organize.  Well she is sorting by color without any prompting at all.  She gets that from her Opa!
It has been great to be closer to home.  It has kept us really busy celebrating all sorts of things regardless of sick kids which has been really good for us.  After Celecta got over her cold she passed it on to Daniel and I.
Ryan has been a wonderful husband from day one.  He proves to me more and more every day that he was the best decision I ever made!  I love him dearly and I lover dearly seeing my children love him, too.
Easter this year takes special meaning having it at the same time as general conference.  I love hearing the prophets speak and receiving floods of inspiration.  I can't wait to review all of the talks and apply each one little by little.  
Daniel had his 2 month check up this week.  He handled shots like a champ even though he had sore legs and a fever.  He now weighs 10.5 pounds.  We love every bit of him and will post pictures of his baby blessing next month.

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