Friday, February 27, 2015

"Tiny Daniel Tiger"

A day at the park.  This is during the long distance weeks and you can tell Celecta is pretty happy to have her daddy back.
 He liked the womb so much he had to be induced a week after his due date.  The 24 hours leading up the to induction were a nightmare for me with all of the speculation of becoming a new mother and knowing when it was going to happen, but everything went smoothly and I recovered much quicker with this one than I did with my first.  Ryan was able to be in town for it which was a big worry.  I couldn't imagine going through any part of labor without my husband there.
Our new baby finally came the morning of February 5, 2015!  Daniel "Tiger" Ryan Gee, 5 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches (the same day as his cousin Emma Jean Moss).  He was a skinny little thing and kept everyone on their toes with his low blood pressure and a potentially infected umbilical cord (Omphilitis).  He apparently didn't want to leave the hospital because the two times we tried to leave the doctors wouldn't let us.  Needless to say we were very relieved to get out of there.

 He is a Gee through and through!  He doesn't get the hair, the eyes, the mouth, or the chin from my side of the family.  MAYBE the nose.  Ryan said when he first saw him he looked like Tyler and then we looked at him longer and thought his middle name may have to be Boyd after his Grandpa Gee.  We decided not to go with "Oh, Danny Boyd".  :P

 Celecta's first exposure to the hospital was not the most pleasant.  She saw me in the bed holding a new baby and was not very excited about either.  She wouldn't have anything to do with me or the baby and was only consoled by an Oreo on Dad's lap.  When Oma and Opa were prepping her for the visit they said they were going to go visit Daniel and she said, "Daniel Tiger?"

 The second visit went much smoother.  She loved her "Tiny Daniel Tiger".

 The transition home has made for a lot of play time with Daddy and not as much outside time.  We have had a lot of help from Oma and Gigi and loved their visits.  It is really nice to have help settling in up here.  We would not be nearly so lucky in Tucson.  Of course everything would have been moved in there already.  

 Showing off her present from Gigi.  Every dress she wears makes her "Cinderella".
 Our anniversary was celebrated well in the hospital so it was pretty low key.  I wrote Ryan some new lyrics to a song that was our prom sing with the five year theme.  Ryan gave me a "Daniel Tiger" and 3 Celecta Roses.  It was a kind of prolonged celebration, but it was a good one.  I couldn't be any luckier with my two big helpers at home (one a bit bigger of a helper than the other).

Another day at the park.  She probably doesn't have the best teacher. :P
 Celecta was a lot quicker at learning to play by herself than I expected after almost 2 months of having a constant one-on-one companion.
He gained 11 oz in 9 days!  I was a very proud momma.
 "No, no! My turn!" Is the response I usually get when I try to get her dressed or put her clothes on.  This is her putting her shoes on without any help.  If you look hard enough you will see that the heals aren't in.  She is learning really fast though and the desire is definitely there, whether it is making me late or not.
This is her reading a book to Daniel while I make dinner.  She is such a sweet older sister!  She is always wanting to check on him and is the keeper of the bink and help wrap him.  Ryan had to point out that Celecta was trying to be helpful and was copying me when she rushed toward Daniel on the floor.  I am learning not to push her away as much and letting her help.
 'Keeper of the bink' Exhibit A.
 Some more dressing herself.
 Daniel at two weeks!  They age so fast.  it is fun to watch them be mesmerized by a blank wall :P
 Celecta found our heater vents on a cold Sunday morning.
 Daniel "tiger" on the left and Ben "giraffe" on the right.
 We wanted to document Daniel being the bigger of the two because we don't know how long that will last.
Grandparents of 3.  Celecta didn't want to share a lap with a baby so Grandpa had to try to keep two on his lap.  As you can see she isn;t too impressed with the competition.

 Celecta got a shirt from Ryan's cousin.  Depending on the day I think she may agree.
She is such a hoot.  We giggle all day long!

Post bath hair.  It stayed like that for days after.  Even though I tried to flatten it with my hand.
 We love our new baby boy and wouldn't trade him for anything.  Things are working out very nicely on our end and we appreciate all the help we have had making it that way.

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