Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New job, new home, new baby (coming soon....hopefully)

We watch just a little bit of PBS kids... in case you couldn't tell.
Prince of Bel-Aire.  Our little shopper.
An abundance of blankets given by the ward. We have plenty of blue for the new boy thanks to them.

We couldn't miss the show in St. George.

We couldn't keep Celecta from the kitty, Tanner.
Celecta's first BYU basketball game.  
She loved watching Cosmo, but Daddy did his job educating her on the actual game.
We cheered anytime they made the free throws.

Gingerbread houses at Oma's, compliments of Tyler and Brandie.  We found out Celecta likes Red Hots and Candy Canes.
Christmas at Oma and Opa's
Aunt Camille helped unwrap the gifts.
Mom's gift to the family.
Celecta's crazy pig tail hair.
We tried to go sledding a couple of days before this, but she wouldn't have anything to do with snow pants.  The next week we convinced her to put on her boots and she learned that "crunching" snow is fun.  Now anytime she sees snow she crunches it.  Only problem is the lack of snow.

She finally found her pockets, but she only puts her hands in when she wants to.  Not when she needs to :)
She missed her aunts when they left.  A very common phrase is "Whe's (insert name of aunt or uncle)?"

Joint birthday with Oma.  

Birthday cake, compliments of Megan.
She actually blew out the candles this time.  She also sang the song.

Tempura and lettuce wraps for dinner.  Celecta actually liked them even though we weren't exactly catering to her.  :)

Soccer and basketball after a move.

Ice cream mustache.
Shopping at Toys R Us and I had change.

Well, everything is going well so far.  We were hoping to settle into our new place in North Ogden and then transfer doctors up there, but we don't have health insurance information (we are covered though) so that makes it difficult to transfer.  So we are stuck doing another long distance week after the one we did while Ryan finished up work in Tucson.  We are just waiting for the baby to come now.  I was pretty confident he wouldn't show himself early since Celecta was a week late, but I hoped he would.  With very little contractions and lots of movement it isn't looking too likely he will be here early.

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