Friday, December 12, 2014

Missing and Making

A LOT to update on!  Lets get going shall we?

We went on a Sunday walk after the Phoenix Temple Dedication.  Celecta was a sport and stayed with someone in our ward so Ryan and I could go together.  We made up for lost time on this walk.

Celecta had her first real puking session.  It was pretty sad.  She didn't really know what to do with herself.  She is cuddling and watching Frozen to remedy her sickness and apparently it worked because she bounced back pretty fast!
Ryan didn't think we could make a good fort in our apartment and we proved him wrong together.  Thanks to the hammock Jamie gave us it worked out quite nicely.
We had to coax Celecta into coming inside at first.  He had to pull out the lantern.
It wasn't quite large enough for Mom and Dad to sit up, but it was big enough to play a few games and with toys.
Hopefully when she is older she can help convince Dad that it needs to stay up for longer than an hour :)
This is not the only time Celecta did this.  I caught the tail end of it.  She saw I was taping and came to, which is why there aren't as many videos on this post.  Usually she would jump and say "Bonk!" This is the first time I have scene her get air.

Preliminary picture sent to the aunts and uncles of the Provo Gees.
Celecta now reads to her dolls by herself.  This is the library.  I didn't catch her reading to there dolls so you will have to take my word for it.
Our Gee Thanksgiving celebration.
It took to pictures to cover everyone.  Gigi and Grandpa pretty much did the whole thing while I supervised.  One of these times I'll end up being the Su Chef and get the full experience.  It turned out just about perfect!
Our Thankful Tom.  We have been adding to him every week all month.  It was a good experience and fun to see how full he got.  Ryan said he didn't look like a turkey by the end.
Celecta loved having grown up one-on-one time non-stop for 4 days.  She would often come request the presence of Uncle Justin though.

We spent the next day on a leisure walk up the canyon.  It was BEAUTIFUL weather while the Gees were here.  80 degree average.  Ryan's smile is a result of that.
I had planned to get our Christmas pictures up the canyon with Megan's sweet camera and apparently I started a trend by just suggesting it.   

I know GIGI won't appreciate this being public, but I just couldn't help myself.  What a smile!
When Uncle Jared put Celecta on his shoulders the first thing she said was, "Tall!"  He has a few inches on Daddy. :)
Photo shoot continued

Finding a good spot with a bad sun.  Megan said Ryan looks like Bain in this picture.
Looking for a spot.

We chose the angel picture instead of the darkness pictures.
Showing off my belly :P

Picnic time!

He kind of liked having visitors. 
Melissa gracing us with her presence on her birthday!  German Chocolate cake fresh from the box!  Look at all that smoke!
The girls made gingerbread houses while the boys watched the BYU football game.  Can you guess what each one is?  
Ryan called 1. Tradition (Melissa's) 2. Spirit (Provo Temple by Megan) and 3. Honor (Lavell Edward's Stadium by Mom)

Daddy is kissing up to Grandpa Gee.  These blocks were quite a hit the whole vacation.  They figured out some pretty interesting phrases.
After the Gee's left I got a bunch of sewing projects done.  I nuetralified my bouncy chair cover (it was the pink one in the earlier picture), made a big receiving blanket, and after finding out about a recent development decided to make a carseat blanket.  I may have been in my pajamas at the middle of the day, but I felt pretty accomplished!

All-in-all, we missed family and they came to the rescue.  We made gingerbread houses along with many other memories.  We missed them again when they left, but Ryan made the cut to a job at ATK in Brigham City, Utah.  As I announced previously on facebook: "...We will miss the weather below 90 degrees, but can't wait for snow. We will miss the wonderful people we have called our friends, but can't wait to be 2 hours from family instead of 12. We won't miss the rattle snakes and scorpions and cactus."  

This adventure happened much quicker than I anticipated.  I always felt our stay in Tucson would not be permanent, but a year and a half is a lot shorter than I had predicted.  We have made many friends here and are so blessed by the many angels that God had place in our paths.  We have learned and grown as a family and can't wait to take our learning to the next phase of life and hopefully make this phase a little more permanent.  

When I say this happened fast Ryan interviewed onsite with ATK the first week or two in November.  They officially extended the offer last week and now I am packing the apartment and moving up for good the 18th (to find a doctor for the baby and ensure he is not born in a strange hospital between here and Provo).  We will both spend Christmas in Provo looking for a place to live and Ryan will fly back down and work a week with Raytheon and then move all of our stuff up on the 10th of January.  We are both very anxious and can't believe how quickly things are winding down.  Brigham City, here we come!

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