Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Leaves are falling all around

Pictures of South Korea.  Ryan has a plethora of them so if you want more, just ask him.  They are also on Facebook.
He went to the beach on the weekend.
Reclining in first class.
 This is how almost all of his pictures of the food are.  They bring out the duck and other meat and let you barbeque it yourself.  He has missed that food a few times.
 At the beach!
 This is why you DON'T schedule your annual check-up right after a trip to South Korea.
 It wasn't long before we flew back to Utah for the primary purpose of going to a BYU football game.  We did not complain at all when it happened to be a perfect week of fall.  It was still 90 degrees in Tucson when we got back...
Oma is teaching a new march.  Celecta was marching for the next hour.  She loved the song!

 Celecta enjoying some fresh tomatoes from Oma's garden.

After a short visit at the Moss's we went up the canyon to do hotdogs and dutch oven around the fire.  You will notice there are a plethora of pictures here as well.  Megan remembered to bring her camera with her on this trip.  Camera plus Celecta equals endless pictures.

We decided to go to the amphitheater at the trailhead of Stewart Falls.  Of course that is not where we lit the fire, but we had a good time hanging out here, while Grandpa Gee found a good fire pit.

We get around the Gee's and there is no telling what Ryan will do.  He definitely keeps us entertained!

 Cuddling next to the fire.  This is a rare moment.  Celecta spent almost the entire time up the canyon dragging whomever she could away from the fire to explore the leaves and sticks and new trails.  She loved it.

 Of course the two youngest of the Gees were easily caught in Celecta's snare.  I don't know how our daughter got so photogenic, but here are the endless pictures.

 She definitely didn't get it from either of us. :P

Next on the list was Wheeler Farms in Salt Lake.  She enjoyed the animals from a distance.

 After Wheeler Farms we picnicked at Liberty Park.  

 I LOVE red leaves in the fall.
 The yellow ones aren't too shabby either.

 Especially when you can stomp on them and crunch them.

 Frisbee. with Jared, Justin, Ryan, and Grandpa.
Ryan trying to retrieve a frisbee.
The BYU football game! 

 It wasn't nearly as cold as we expected it to be, but we were prepared.

 Lucky for Celecta it was homecoming weekend.
 There were a lot balloons to watch.
 And if your uncle is as nice as Jared you will get to play with them too.
 Melissa was really prepared for the cold.

Back home Celecta was so happy to see Scarecrow and give him hugs and kisses.

This is MY town!  

We had to find a last minute costume for a community Halloween Trunk or Treat.
I finally snuck the ears on her at the event.  We didn't wait for all of the candy, but we did enjoy looking at the decorations.  Of course they had bubbles there, too.  That was Celecta's favorite part. 
I always get so excited about carving pumpkins.  Celecta didn't want to have much to do with it though.  She prefers paint. 
End product.  Ryan's on the left and mine on the right.
We get so excited about it that we do it prematurely and they rot within a few days.  All of that black stuff is not because it is dark inside.  It is because of mold.  Welcome to Tucson.
 Celecta's homemade piglet costume.  It wasn't easy to get those ears on her and when we did she didn't want to keep them on.  Either way the outfit was cute.
 Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, too.  Tigger didn't show up tonight like we planned.  Instead we had a "disgruntled Raytheon employee".
Ears!  Celecta thought it was strange to wander around in the dark and see all of the people dressed up funny so she didn't get much candy before they came back to the car to help pass out candy.
Celecta thinks it's hilarious to wear socks on her hands.  "Where it (the hand) go?" 
 The Pecan Festival in Tucson.  The horses were her favorite part.  She also got to decorate a monkey mask.
 There were a lot of shops there too with homemade products.  Celecta liked the homemade helicopters and trains the best.
 And chimes.
This is our son making his presence known.  He is moving a lot.  He can kick and be seen from the outside!

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