Tuesday, October 14, 2014

When It Rains It Pours

For those of you that didn't know yet we are having a BOY!  Do not jump to conclusions on the name.  I thought for sure it would be James (aka Jimmer), but when I asked Ryan what he wanted to name him he said he really liked Daniel Ryan.  :)  I was pretty surprised.
This is a profile.
This is a 3d picture from the front. 
 This is his feet.  Right foot in front of the left.
 This is his hand with the thumb sticking out.  No it is not in his mouth.
3d picture of him covering his arms.  
 The next new development is we got a car!  It is a Toyota Camry XLE 2007.  There are 130000 miles on it, but we are hoping that doesn't matter since it is a Toyota.  I was and still am feeling pretty spoiled driving these wheels around.  It's a lot more expensive than we planned and the purchase was NOT head ache free because of some NOT minor repairs that needed to be done.  It drives great now though.  I drove it to Phoenix and back without trouble.  It is a very smooth ride.  Ryan says he doesn't know if we can ever take it on a road trip because it will put him to sleep.

This is my belly bulge as of about 20 weeks.  Not the cutes pregnant picture in the world, but we had to document it and I couldn't take one I liked.

 When it rains it pours had both literal and symbolic meaning.  It had been raining a lot in September.  I think it was a record high and they anticipated a tropical storm coming through and sent Ryan home early from work and cancelled school in some places because of flooding.  Lucky for us it blew east of us.  Ryan was not feeling so lucky that day though.
 Celecta loves to color!  She will color for an hour non-stop sometimes.  I am thinking she got that from her Grandpa Moss.
Everyone has been very impressed with how she holds the pencils and crayons and ask me if I taught her to hold it that way.  For the record.  I didn't teach her anything.  She taught herself.  She must be a natural. 
Sometimes when I am in the kitchen she will get the rag out from under the sink and scrub the floors without being asked.  :) 
Ryan left for South Korea on the 27th of September.  My eyes rained quite a bit for the week and a half he was gone.  It is amazing how just knowing he is too far to be reached without flying 15 hours makes such a difference.  We were missing him from the moment he left the house (and was still in Tucson) 'til the moment he got home.  He did take some pictures, but hasn't shared any of them with me.  Hopefully I can remember to put them on in the next post.  Either way.  This is the first day.  We wanted to make sure he missed us just as much as we missed him so I sent him a picture of us while he was still in the US and he wouldn't get charged long distance.  Thank goodness for Googlehangouts.  We managed to find a time (7:00 am his time and 4:00 pm my time) to chat with him.  We were pretty good about it and got to chat quite a few times.  It was a blessing to be reminded of how much I love him.  Eternity sounded like the just right amount of time to spend with him.

 Celecta was "helping" me wash the floor and somehow the bubbles ended up in her hair and all over the kitchen floor.  She was taking handfuls and throwing them in the air.  What a kook.

 In an attempt to fill a monstrous void I flew out to Utah.  It was so cheap I couldn't resist and I am so glad I did.  I would not have been sane when Ryan returned if I hadn't.  We had a lot of Oma and Opa time to ourselves with not much competition outside of church callings.  Of course we had to spend some of it at the duck pond feeding the ducks.  They have gotten a little more greedy than I would like them to be.  They tried out Oma's finger and toe at one point.  Celecta loves ducks though so she had a good time.

 I thought Celecta would be so thrilled to see a real moose outside of her books.  She LOVES her moose books, but this is as close as she would get.  I guess she was afraid of getting trampled.
 Megan's perks of working at the bakery.  I thought of Ryan and the BYU games and took a picture.  It is really hard to be in Provo and not thinking of my husband.
She was playing more before I took out the camera.  Of course...

I was so excited to harvest some tomatoes even though I really don't like to eat them.  After one of our many morning walks we came out and helped Oma pick some tomatoes.  Celecta was very good at getting them in the box, but not so good at the gentle part.  Good thing we used them more salsa and tomato soup. 

 After a few days of waiting for the sick Aunt Megan Gee to not be so sick we finally came up to visit and gift some orange juice.  Jared got to play extra with Celecta since Megan was quarantined.  I love watching her uncles warm up to her.  You should have seen them when we first brought her over as a new born.  They have leaped and bounded since then.

Patrick was back in town so they had to jam for a while.  Celecta didn't know what to think of it at first.  Eventually she approved.

Although you may not be able to tell from this picture Justin WAS up here by himself with Celecta Rose.  Unlike his brother (Ryan) he is not a fan of the camera, but played with her in private enough for Celecta to go ask him to play when we came over. 
We left Celecta's bumbo at home and found out that it is not even necessary!  Inspired by Great-Grandpa Gee she is sitting on Gigi's big pot instead.  It worked really well!  Even if it did mean that Gigi couldn't find it the next time she was trying to cook.
 We finally made it to the Bean Museum.  As usual Celecta was less impressed with the animals as I expected her to be.  That isn't to say she didn't enjoy it.  Lets just say she isn't a "Yoocy or Tole Moss" though.  Oma is going to have to go back so that she can actually read all of the plaques.  It was pretty impressive.
 She loved the second railing that was just her size.
 It's a Ryan-ocerous!  They had full-size giraffes that she liked too, but I couldn't get them in the picture.
 Hobbit feet!
Finally learning to turn my phone when I take videos...

 We made a trip to visit Grandpa Dixon for lunch.  It almost didn't happen because the tracks never came.  Good thing Opa graciously gave up the car.  Salt Lake Temple grounds!  She loved all the water and the flowers and the visitor center videos.

 She learned to climb up and off of this by herself!  Her climbing skills improved significantly on this trip.
 We made it home without incident, but our luggage has reached it's end and I almost reached mine as I carried a crying baby, a bag with a broken wheel and her obnoxiously large car seat to the shuttle from the baggage claim... I don't know how some women do it.  We made it and she was happy to be home just as I thought she would be.  We had a good time playing with our family.  A week is just right.  Especially considering we would be back in 2 and a half weeks.  ;)

After a lot of sleepless nights filled with Jet-lag.  And tearful BYU games we got Daddy back.  On the way home from the airport I taught Celecta "Daddy's Homecoming" song.  It is now her favorite song.
General conference weekend came and went and I made two attempts at cinnamon rolls.  The first attempt I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out overcooked and crunchy. 
 The second recipe I found out was not the recipe my mom used and in an attempt to save it I made cinnamon bread.  It turned out much better than the rolls, but definitely not the same.  Some day I will get up the nerve to try again.
Conference was the best of times and the worst of times.  I had a hard time narrowing down what I needed to focus on this time around and felt very overwhelmed.  I blame it on the pregnancy, but Ryan laughs at me and quite frankly I laugh at myself.  It is always great to hear the prophets speak to us and I pray I will live up to the expectations of my Savior slowly but surely.  I know we have a prophet today and I know that he is inspired and speaks the words of God.  I know that the true church is restored today and that the Savior died for us so that we might LIVE again.  Not just sit idly on our couch and watch each day pass us by.  I love my Savior and I pray that he will be with me every day.  I know I can live with my family forever and especially after that trip to Korea forever is all I will tolerate.  AMEN!

 I walked into her room in the morning and this is where she was.  She LOVES to read!  Just ask Opa.  Anytime he was in the room she put a book in his hand.
 To get the feel of fall we went to the pumpkin patch after a painful visit to the doctor in North Tucson.  We had a good time.  Celecta was tired at first since it happened to be her nap time, but as you can see she perked up.  We spent 4 hours there.  It was so fun to have Daddy's full attention all day long.  We were all exhausted in the end, but it was worth it!
She is still in the phase of saying "no" when she means "yes".  We are working on it.

They had a playground (above) and a petting zoo.
A 30 minute corn maze.  It is a good thing too.  I don't know if Celecta would have survived any longer than that and it was muddy.  We may have to go to another one before the season is up though to challenge Ryan's puzzle brain. 
On the bridge in the corn maze. 
 She will swing for hours on end.  I think she gets that from me.  There were tons of attractions here and she chose the swings twice.

 Some day her legs will be long enough to peddle herself, but for now Daddy will just have to do.
 We bought a pumpkin small enough that I can use it for a festive goodie and that it wouldn't rot outside before we even got to carve them.  It is still getting up to 90 degrees here so they pretty much cook outside instead of being in a natural refrigerator.
 Classic Celecta Rose walking up high.  We have little ridges all over our apartment that she loves to climb on and walk back and forth in.  Heaven forbid she ever gets tall enough that Ryan will be able to look at her at eye level.  She is growing too fast!
 I thought she would like riding the tractor, but Ryan didn't.  Ryan was right.
 I didn't think she would like this because of all the poky hay, but Ryan was kind enough to lift her onto each one and make it enjoyable.  What a sport!

 The next day Ryan was out of commission.  We aren't sure if it was the cold or the allergies from being outside all day the day before, but we went to the park and she swung for an hour.  I don't think she likes the slides anymore because they shock her.  I can't think of any other reason.
 Family Home Evening activity this week was painting the pumpkin before I chopped it up and cooked it.  Celecta had such a good time showing off her pumpkin and can even say the word.  She loves being able to lift it herself.

What an eventful month and it isn't going to get any slower.  I have been busy with visiting teaching and traveling and cars and next is traveling, costumes, Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving dinner with Gees in Tucson, what little baby preparation I can squeeze in before our trip to Utah for two weeks, and then squeezing more in before the baby actually gets here the month of.  And then the baby will be here and it really won't get any slower.  I am just hoping I soaked in as much dead time as necessary while I had it.

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