Monday, September 8, 2014

'Tis the season to be blue and white

Celecta loves to help in the kitchen.  I bought her a stool so that she can see the counter, which I may have already mentioned in my last blog, but this is her cooking.  The Moss's had a big kitchen toy she loved to play with.  I guess that will go on her Christmas list.

Her uncle Kyle left for his mission this past month.  We are really sad we had to miss it, but tried to make up for it as much as we could by sending messages, making phone calls, and iChatting.
Reorganizing my cupboards for me.
I freed a laundry basket that had all of our sports equipment in it during my last reorganization project so that I could have more baskets for laundry and maybe for an extra toy.  She will push it around with toys in it and begs daddy to push her too.  
We went to the train station to celebrate my birthday.
It wasn't very big, but it had some old cars there too.  It was a short trip, but I thought it was fun.  Celecta's favorite part was watching the trains pass by.

She got to sit in one.  I thought she would love driving it.  Daddy was right, I was wrong.
We branched out and bought store bought, baked, variety cheesecake.  I ate it all because no one else liked it, but I felt very extravagant every time I ate a piece.  I am just now finishing it all.
This is one of the many cards I got for my birthday!  Thanks to everyone.  Especially my husband who gave me a card with a fake, but sincere check for a car.
As if a car wasn't enough.  I have been burning myself and the table *sob* a lot lately so we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and splurged on some heat gear.
Inside joke.  I felt loved though.
The week after our birthday we went shopping for cars.  I didn't take any pictures of that because we weren't planning on buying anything until after we got back.  But we went to Ikea to kill time before our flight to Chicago.  She LOVES this place.
She loved trying out all the little chairs.  Another thing on the Christmas list if we can find a place for it.
She also found a friend and played with him for a while, but I didn't take a picture.  He kept saying, "Come on, Baby!"  She couldn't keep up with him very well, but it was still fun.
After a 12:00 arrival being delayed and hour and a baggage jam and a 2.5 hour drive we finally made it to Illinois.  It was a long night (too short for some, poor Devin went in to work an hour after we got home), but well worth it.
We spent most of the first day reading books.  Not foreign from what we usually do across the country.
We did have some foreign rootbeer.  Everyone had a glass of Spreckers (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) and everyone loved it.  This is how Celecta showed it.  Sadie had a pretty fun way to express it, too.
Vacations are no excuse to miss the first BYU football game of the year.  This will probably be close the last game the kids will ever watch and what a game it was.  Ryan even taught them the name and number of the receiver who is now Lucy's favorite player.  
She kind of likes Ryan... can you tell?  This is quite a step up from what it used to be while we were living them (who can turn the tv off the most).

We had 7 layer bean dip with many varieties to accommodate the children (and me).  Celecta mostly ate avocado plain.
We did quite the decorations on this living room many times while eating on the floor.
Celecta Rose was a mess and Uncle Devin was still willing to play with her.
One advantage to not sleeping the night before is that we adjusted very nicely to the time change.  We all went to bed on time, including the little one.  
This is a picture of the hike the dad's and kids went on while the wives made fried chicken that everyone LOVED.
The next day Ryan found a next of rabbits with his foot in the Moss's backyard.  Luckily he was wearing shoes.  Apparently it was traumatizing the sound bunnies make after they have been stepped on.  
But he got over it thank to the game of baseball he got to play with his nephew.  He's a natural.

Monday we went to a farm with animals and yummy peaches and apple cider doughnuts.  I don't know which the kids liked more.

Celecta's attention span with the animals lasted through the first ones.  I don't know if it was the attention span or if she wasn't used to being that close to them.  She seemed to like them better from a distance.

The tree house.  Two cousins peaking out the wholes to the mom's on the ground.  Celecta is on the left.

She didn't like to touch them, but her cousins sure did.  
This was probably her favorite part.  Running away.

We had to swim because we brought our swimming suits.  The weather was really nice pretty much the whole time so it wasn't necessary, but Celecta liked wading and getting wet.  As did her father.

The rabbits were a favorite of Celecta's.  She was very soft with them and loved to see them.  If you ask her what a bunny says now she will say "Bous, Bous!"
The two cousins getting into trouble.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning.
Celecta was cooking for Sadie while she read.  
The ride home wasn't as pleasant as the ride there because we had less to look forward to, but it probably went smoother than the trip there.  We had one little episode from the baby and one from the mommy the night after wishing we have family closer, but all was well.  We miss the grass and the yard, but haven't missed the temperatures luckily because it has been a lot nicer here than the past months.  This is a clock that is now on RYAN'S wish list.
Celecta has started the phase of drawing on walls.  Mostly it is the frig which I am guessing is easier to clean than walls, but we watch her a lot closer now.  Luckily she doesn't mind cleaning it up.
Our 2007 Corolla that we bought in 2011 is now over the 100,000 mark!  I wish I had gotten the exact numbers, but we have enjoyed this car and it has been well worth the money.
If you could see the colors better in this picture it would be a lot better.  She is eating Doritoes for the first time.  She obviously loves them, but she was even licking her orange fingers and her face was covered with the yummy orange powder.

Her second BYU football game exposure this season was a good one.  She let us both watch most of the game and they even came up with a cheer.  She is constantly asking for it and if Ryan had the stamina for it I think they would do it all day long.  Good thing we don't have downstairs neighbors.

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  1. Oh we miss you guys!!! It was so fun to get to know Celecta Rose all over again...If only we had a bigger house...and the boys had jobs in the same town :)