Monday, August 11, 2014

"If you chance to meet a frown..." play with Celecta Rose.

Usually it takes me forever to load all of the pictures from the past month.  I don't know what it is, but we have not been taking near as many pictures as we usually do.  Probably because we haven't done much this month :P.  Either way, we do have a few.

I have been working on not having to pick her up as much so I decided to get her a stool so that she could help with dinners and see what was going on.  She was a little nervous about standing up there at first so she just settled for a chair and table.
 I could be wrong, but I think she is using it as a changing table right hear.  Cute thought anyway.
 I thought I took this picture forever ago, but it showed up on my roll for this month.  It's a classic either way.  If you follow her line of sight you will see a cat watching her almost as intently as she is watching it.
 This is our first attempt at a pony tail.  Lately she has been asking for them.  She is a lot better at sitting while I do her hair.  I guess that means I should do it more often.
 She loves feeling her ponytail.  We always know when she is getting tired because she starts running her fingers through her hair.  That is how she falls asleep.  It's a good thing she doesn't have her mommy's hair or there would be very little of it to run through.
 I found a spider hoping to make it's nest in the ceiling corner of our kitchen.  It was a pretty good size, but I won the battle by spraying it with Rade and then having all of the Rade trickle down into a puddle on the ground :P.  Once it dropped from the wall it had no chance.
 Celecta did get used to her stool and asks for it constantly now.  She loves to draw on the counter or help with dinner.  Most of all she loves to help with the dishes. "Bubbles!?"
 Don't worry.  I got to her before she picked it up.  And no that is not a leaf.  It is monster moth.  There is something about our playground and swimming pool area that makes bugs die when they land.  We are constantly finding dead bugs all over the ground.

Any time she has pig tails Ryan has a hay day with the camera.  He loves her pigtails.
All ready for church!
She loves her pig tails too!

I went to visit a friend in Tucson.  Whoever mashed our window must have known they were moving this week and we needed a longer visit than planned.  Nothing was stolen and there wasn't any sign of rocks or balls.  We had a 2 year old girl for a witness that said, "The bad guys smashed the window with a hammer."  I'm not sure what they accomplished, but we got a new window and a clean car for free.
 It was the smoothest window break in I have ever heard of.
 Celecta loves to help Mommy clean.  I was making dinner and she pulled out the rag in the bucket and spur of the moment wiped all of the kitchen floor with a dry, crusty rag!

 This last Saturday we went to Tucson and got my ring maintained (I love this time of year :)).  So we had to stall a couple of hours until it was done.  What better place to stall than window shopping at Toys R Us.  It took Ryan a few tries, but he got her on the trike.  Once on she didn't want off :).  If you can believe it we left without making any purchases.

There have been several different occasions the past month where Ryan and I both had the thought that we wouldn't know what we would do without our cheerful talented little one.  She has excelled so much the past few months.  She has started to sing a lot more songs and say the words to a good portion of some of them.  She loves Winnie the Pooh and she loves her daddy and she loves nursery.  She is not the best sleeper, but we will keep her.

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