Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The happiest place on earth vs. the hottest place on earth

Where has the time gone!?  I can't believe it has been a month.  We have been keeping a lot more busy this past month than the entire year it seems.  When it rains it poors!
This is the golf trip before our California trip that convinced Ryan not to bring his clubs :P  (not to mention we didn't have much space with the stroller and other baby accessories we had to bring).
 Celecta LOVES playing with the baskets.  She will carry them all the way over for daddy from the machine.

 She loved cleaning the clubs.
 And we drank a lot of water so that we didn't shrivel up into little prunes.
 She has been sticking her fingers in her mouth a lot the past month.   Some would say she is teething.  Who knows... 
 She is such a dirt baby and such a NOT grass baby.  Good thing we live where we do.  This is her shoveling the fine dirt and throwing it in the air to let it waft right into her eyes.  That is dirt on her face and clothes.

 Her daddy taught her where the buckets really go.  I am just hoping she won't pull an Elaine and run into the corner of something and send us to the hospital to get stitches.

 This book must be really good!
 Getting ready for Cool California.
The drive there was great!  She napped and read books and drew and only had to watch one movie.  We were very proud of her.

We are finally here and what is the first ride we ALL went on?  Yup!  It's A Small World.
Celecta got really excited about the boats (she warmed up to her aunts and uncles really fast)!

 She stole Jamie's man on several different occasions and somehow Jamie found it in her heart to forgive her.  Even through the romantic fireworks!

Gigi could not resist this dress and not many can resist Celecta when she wears it! 
 We went to Toon Town and LOVED Goofy's house.  Gigi was kind enough to stay with us and play.

 The piano made funny sounds.  She kept going back to it.

We went back to the house for a swim and to get the lazy boys that missed the morning of Disneyland. 

They played keep away and rediscovered muscles they had forgotten about the next day.
I opted out of the swim to relax.  It would have been a short one anyway.  Celecta was anxious to fill her tummy.
 Pudding for the first time.  Too bad Daddy doesn't like it.
 It took a few days for Jared to get to know her with all of the competition, but he finally got some laughs.
 Merri-go-round with Gigi
 Winnie the Pooh
 The "Happiest Place On Earth"
 The "Happiest People On Earth"
 Good one Ryan :)
 They won!
Midnight hot tub and hay.

 Grandpa's new dice game for Father's Day!  You could hear them any where in the house. :)

 SAND!  Favowit!
She enjoyed the second day at the beach much more than the first.  She made it very clear that she did not like the water past her knees, but was scarred the first day.  She had a good time digging the second day. 
 The Gee's burnt her out so much she even slept on the beach!  Never thought that would have happened.
We met up with Sarah and Brian and Madison at Yogurtland!  We scratched the van trying to get there, but we did it.  You will have to ask Greg if it was worth it.  We had a good time though. 
This face is priceless!
"Who's your favorite AAAAAUNTIIIIE!?"
 One of the 5 second increments she kept her glasses on. Oh, and don't worry, Daddy picked them out.
 Back in Utah for weddings!  Elaine was kind enough to entertain through the sealing.
The fountain at the Bountiful Temple was by far the most popular. 
Struttin' their stuff! 
 Some more.
 A picnic at the park.  We haven't had a picnic in probably a year!  We miss Utah weather!
 Jamie showing off her mad skills at throwing rocks.
 Kyle giving Celecta one last squeeze.

We had red, blueberrie pancakes!  
 Apparently Celecta loves them!
 Fireworks!  We didn't have near the view we did last year from our apartment, but the firework show in Washington seemed to do just fine for her.
 Bugs coming in to get out of the storm.  
 Celecta's friend wanted to hold hands.
Splashing in puddles!  It FINALLY rained!  It has been amazing when it is raining and humid when it isn't, but we'll take anything under 100 degrees. 
We tried to keep them from sitting directly in the puddle....
 I finally laid out the quilt I am going to make and donate.  I still have to cut some of the pieces to a smaller size.
Celecta started talking a lot more after all of that exposure to her aunts and uncles.  It has been so fun to watch her master certain words.  She is pro at "please" and "thank you".  Her favorite words are probably "book" and "ouside" and "nack" (snack).
Lucky for me it hasn't stopped being busy here.  It has made a world of difference having some friends move into the complex.  We will miss them dearly when they leave since they will only be here for the summer, but I am sure they will not miss being here since they are going back to Flagstaff.  This is our first long week with Ryan gone all week.  Hopefully it goes quicker than expected because there are quite a few more of these before our next vacation!

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