Thursday, June 5, 2014

Coping with the expected and unexpected

Introducing...Sun spiders!  Creepy looking aren't they.  On a scale of 1-10 (butterfly-scorpion) I give them a 7.  These things are not aggressive or venomous, but you don't see these in Utah. :P  They do have claws that apparently hurt when they bite though.

 She can still walk under this sign.  Probably will be able to for a while at the rate she grows.

The manmade lake at Sahuarita (10 minutes from our house).  AKA wanna be Utah.  :)  No swimming aloud, but a lot of fishing.  It is really beautiful.
 We walked around the lake and they have a bunch of fitness stuff all around it.  Ryan it trying out one of them.
 It was one of the first pretty hot days.  Celecta Rose didn't last the whole walk around the lake.
 Daddy-daughter time.  She gets lessons on words or reading anytime she is with him and loves them.
 Kisses for dolly

 Her pretty sun dress.
 The party store across from Discount Tire.  We had a hoot killing time while they replaced our tires.

 There is a bowling alley just across the street from our apartment.  If we get up the nerve to endure 110 degree weather for 5 minutes maybe we will go more often.
 She was such a good sport the whole time we played.
Ryan wasted me.  He gave me some pointers so hopefully I can improve.
 Once they turned on the party mode we gave up trying to do well and let Celecta bowl a little and danced with her.
 She loved the lights.

Soooo sleepy she couldn't wait for the snack.

She is learning to climb up.  Loves being tall, but likes to "climb" down in a way that makes her limp for a few days. 
Daddy likes to say she is saying "touchdown", but really she is just cheering because she through the ball. :)  Still a good picture.

She love picking flowers from the office pots.
 Some beauty in Tucson.  They smell really good too.  I haven't ever seen flowers like this.
 The first Carls Junior we have been to with a play toy.  She kept trying to climb up the slide and barely ate anything.
 Elaine teaching Celecta how to climb up the slide.
 Going down the slide was easier.
 We all took lessons from Opa.  I can now hit the ball straight.  Ryan is sporting his new BYU golf shirt and it seems to be helping his swing.
 Celect wishing she was sixteen.
Ryan wishing he were 7'6'' at the athletic facility (we had a nice, unexpected,  LOOOOONG tour of the whole place).
Someday... not. 
 Grandpa helping us blow bubbles.

 The new Provo Rec Center.  It was a blast!

 Megan pampering Melissa for her formal ward night.
 Great Grandma Smith's rocking chair.  Celecta loved sitting in it.

 Kyle showing Celecta the card he got from Great Grandma and Grandpa.

 Great Grandpa Gee's grave.  It was great to see all of the Gee's.

 "Lean on me...."
 Celecta did not have a hard time falling asleep on the way home from our flight in Phoenix.
 Pictures from our last trip to Utah.  

 For a while I was having to nap with her to stay asleep because of post-vacation and sickness.  I needed it too apparently.
 Wearing a belt over her PJs.  Who does that remind you of?
 Some more Tucson beauty.
 Her new gesture.  
 Her new face.
Celecta Rose is finally starting to sleep normally after the last vacation.  I think it was mostly the sickness that made it hard for her to sleep because she isn't coughing as much and her runny nose is gone.  Hopefully we can keep her healthy this next vacation because it's going to be a long one.

Unfortunately we were not able to make it up for Uncle Mike's funeral.  He left a wife and 8 children behind.  One of which was on a mission.  I have not forgotten the legacy he left behind and am grateful to have known him and had his example.  We are praying for Cecily and the kids daily and know he is with Grandma helping with the missionary work today.  It has been a reminder to get more involved in family history and I am slowly, but surely getting the hang of it.

The past month has been a little rough physically with all of the heat.  We have started to stay in our cave (all of the blinds closed) a lot more and the past few days Celecta Rose has made it a lot easier than I thought it would be.  We have new neighbors.  One stays home and she is really nice.  We have already visited with her a few times.  We can't wait to see Jared again in a week and a half not to mention to have relief from this heat.  Hopefully we will get used to it.  

Hoping all of you are doing well!

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