Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blowing candles, crying tears, and living Christ.

Pi day!  We made Pumpkin Pie.
 Saint Patrick's Day outfit sent from Gigi in Provo.
 My first attempt at french bread!  I was under the impression we were having 4 missionaries over for dinner and only had 1 so we gave away the two other loaves.
 Kisses :)

 Can you see the lizard?  Usually they don't let you get this close.
 Celecta Rose has been afraid of this dinosaur for a while.  Ryan keeps trying to help her overcome it and it looks like it is working.

 Daddy is educating her early.  Lots of buttons to push!

Baseball Birthday Cake
Ryan's birthday was pretty easy going.  We did go to Red Robin for dinner and had breakfast (bacon, eggs, hash browns) the next morning (not in bed because he doesn't like eating in bed).  Aside from that I had some ideas, but we decided to relax at home and my present to him was not to complain when he played playstation or watched TV.  I also got him the NCAA football game, a tie pin, and a how to golf book.  We love this guy!  He makes all of our family activities more fun and supports us in everything we do and encourages us to keep progressing.  There isn't a better, more loving cheerleader, father, husband, or friend anywhere.
Summer outfit
 Getting familiar with the aunts and uncles right before they head off to meet us in Flagstaff (we had a funeral that we flew into Utah for so we couldn't go anymore.  Funny how timing happens).
 Peek-a-boo with Oma.

 Opa time without the computer in the way.
 Enjoying spaghetti in Utah.

 She ate up all of the one-on-one time with her aunts and uncles in Utah.  No competition. :)

 The new aquarium in Lehi.  It was busy so it took a little time for her to get excited about it, but she liked it.

 Auntie Megan made sure she got to see everything for a long enough time.

 Sitting where Aunt Camille's sat 20 years ago.  She had a little help keeping her head up.
 Story time with Brandy.
 At the funeral.
 First bubble bath.  She couldn't understand why those bubbles wouldn't come off.

Ooooooone, Twooooooo
 She got pretty friendly with the animals.  Not too friendly though :)
Last lunch in Utah with Gigi and Grandpa and Aunt Megan 
 Pig tails!

 Her Easter balloon, compliments of Sandstone Ridge Office.

She knew exactly what to do with them!  Yes I did forget where I hid some of them.  Not to mention the one that broke and I threw in the trash that we looked for for 20 minutes.

Saturday Easter morning bubbles!

 On the way to the Easter Festival.
These bubbles are better than the ones we have a home.

 We colored eggs with the sister missionaries.  This is before we spun them.
 Easter dress compliments of Gigi.  She hugged me twice while I was putting it on her.  She loved it!

 She no longer lets me help her eat her yogurt.  Now only half of it gets eaten and she wears the rest.
 First swimming outing this year last Friday.  She didn't want to get in at first, but Ryan convinced her to and she had a good time even though the wind was blowing and the water was a bit cool.

 We went to Phoenix to buy a new toddler bed for Celecta Rose and finally got to meet up with Sara!
 Celecta loves her toddler bed a little too much.  Instead of taking 15 minutes to go to sleep it is an hour.  It has been a fun new step for her.  The night times are about the same as they were before.

 Becoming friends with the neighbors.  She was trying to help her dance :) I don't think Celecta Rose quite understood.

Grandma Dixon's passing was bittersweet.  I am glad she is no longer suffering, but I will have missed her.  We will always remember her and the happiness and joy she always approached life with.  I know she is surrounded by loved ones with all of the family history work she has done and that she has not ceased to work.  I hope that I will be as successful and driven as she has been.  I am so grateful that we will meet again because of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice.  I know that he lives.

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