Friday, March 14, 2014

Six month spring

Celecta Rose is babbling a lot more than usual and knows how to say probably 20 words or so.  Of course she doesn't pronounce them perfectly, but the sounds coordinate with whatever the object is.

Celecta Rose LOOOOOVES lids.  She has been getting all of my empty containers and carrying them around the house and having me take the lid off so that she can try to put it back on.
 She also loves a little smily face at the playground.  I go on the other side and look through the eyes at her.

 The perfect chicken pot pie I made.  I was so impressed with myself.  It even tasted good, too!
 Opening Oma's belated birthday present.
 It was a dress.  There are pictures of her wearing it later.
 Not this one :P

 I finally got a good picture of her with sunglasses on!
 This one.
 Anniversary pics!  The framed picture is a poem/collage I did for Ryan.  Everything else is from him to me.  :)

 Celecta Rose enjoying one of the chocolate covered strawberries Ryan gave me.  MMMMMM.

 We went to the Gilbert Temple open house for our Anniversary/Valentines.
 It was beautiful and Celecta Rose was a trooper because we had to wait in line for a while.

 Then we went to a churrasco restaurant and mostly just ended up wishing we could go to Tucanos, but it was pretty good.  Way overpriced though.

 Cheesin' it. :)
 Exploring on one of our daily walks.  She LOOOVES rocks.

 Being a fishy.
 Wearing her hair clip for the first and last time.
 Looking at her reflection in the lid while I make dinner.
 ... And the pans.
 She thinks it's so funny when she sucks on these.
 She has started drawing too.  She loves to take each crayon out of the box individually probably more than she likes to draw, but she is pretty good at staying on the paper for now.
 One of the words she says is "hug".  She is pretty darn good at giving them too.  Just don't look at my greasy bangs.
 Our books never get old to her.
 I got a new hair cut.  Not much changed outside of my bangs.  It is pretty long.  I'm not sure how much I like it, but Celecta Rose is making me feel better with hugs.

A valentine from Oma.  It has gotten a lot of lovin'.

LOVING the spaghetti sauce!

 Sometimes she prefers eating off the ground so she throws her food on the ground.  I tried to figure out a way to make her stop and decided if she cleans up after herself it's not a big deal. 
 Madera Canyon is 30 minutes from our apartment.  It was very green and pretty and there is supposed to be a lot of wild life, too.  We didn't see much.  Maybe they come out more in the summer or we just weren't there long enough.  We took quite the detour trying to get there because I looked up the wrong address (happens way more than I would like to admit).  Ryan pretty much expects it to take 1 hour whenever we go somewhere new....

 We walked up the road to the campground since Celecta isn't quite offroading age.  

 I think the corvette club has lunch at a restaurant just across the road from our place every Monday, but seeing a "vette" around here is a common occurrence.
It's hard to say which one I like the best.  Probably that blue one. 

 We went to the library and then a friends.  I haven't ever seen her fall asleep reading before.  I'm sure it helps we were in the car, but I was pretty proud of her regardless.
I have bought a bunch of One Direction songs this month and we have spent a lot of time dancing to them.
 Great Grandma Gee sent her a card for her birthday.  Everything, but the postage was dated before her birthday due to the move.  Celecta Rose loved getting mail.  It's like she knows it's for her.
 See that little thing in her hand?  It is a ball of hair.  She loves them and any time I clean out my brush tries to grab them out of the garbage.  Don't worry this one is her dolls hair and never made it to the trash can.
 The classic Celecta face.  I used to make this face when I was little too.  She looks a lot cuter when she does it than I do.

Her typical chatter.
More playground pictures!
 I could probably frame this one.
 We used Great Grandma Gee's birthday money to buy her a new bucket and some new bath toys and some new balls that light up.  She loves the balls and the bucket.  She fills the bucket with the sand at the play ground.

This one Daddy found out.  I'm not sure who taught her though.
She is keeping me a lot more entertained, but we are looking forward to our vacation to Utah on Memorial Day weekend and meeting up with the Gee's half way in a few weeks.  It has been too long.

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  1. Oh she is so cute!!! Miss you guys a ton. And I LOVE your comment about her eating off the floor...I laughed out loud for almost a minute :)
    p.s. this is Mercedes