Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The First Birthday and Restarting in Tucson

Flat Stanley from the Chicago Mosses
 Her favorite toy before I opened it.  :P  She loved carrying it around the apartment.
 I always pull my phone/camera out after she is tired of wearing them.  That is why it is so blurry.
 First time with new gloves on his Friday off.  You'll have to ask him how it went.  I actually did a few swings too and was happy to just get them off the ground.
 First time at the zoo for her birthday celebration.  She was tired, but she had a good time.
 I wish I could remember what she was pointing at.  Oh, I think it was ducks.  She knows them from her books and toys.
 Tons of flamingos at this zoo.
 She didn't walk around long before finding stuff on the ground.  What a good cleaner upper.
I think this is wear she learned the "oo" sound that she always says for dogs.  She also learned to growl like a tiger, but we haven't gotten that one on camera.
Christmas outfit from Geegee.  She was all dressed up for the doctor's office on her birthday...  She got 3 shots and had an ear infection at the office.  Plus she was officially weaned!  A lot to take in on a first birthday.  "Why is this fun?" :)
 I should have taken a picture of her drinking her smoothy because she didn't take even one bite of the cake.
 But it was pretty.  First time I bought a store bought cake for our birthdays.
 The ribbons were her favorite part.
 "Not even some frosting?"

Moving day.  She was swamped.
 Flat Stanley in our new house.
Aside from "Mamamama" and "Daidaidai" I think I would say "Hi" is her first word.  She is also shaking her head, but sometimes I don't think she knows what it means.  Now when Ryan walks in the door she says "Hi."

At the park. This was the first place she went.

 She loves the pebbles.
 It took some time, but we finally went down the slide.
 She loves to carry around Dolly after nap time.
 Holding dolly when it is time for bed.  She smiled in this one.
 You can see her face better in this one though.
 Ryan's new toy for working overtime for two weeks.  Luckily he is done because it made for long days for both of us.  It trumps all I ever bought him.  I have even played a little.
 Our big windows in every room (except the bathrooms of course).
 Folding her arms at the playground.  I frequently fold my arms and she had started to when we prayed, but she does it less.  I caught this one on camera.  She is such a copy cat.  She also wipes her hands together like Daddy after every meal.
 A fort for Family Home Evening.  She didn't quite enjoy it as much as I thought she would.

 She isn't scared of the vacuum anymore.  I don't know that vacuuming got any easier at this point though.
 Finally sleeping.  Lets not talk about how I sleep less in my bed than I do in the recliner and how my leg was soar from bending it all night and how she wants to be held all night long. :P  Someday this sickness (December 24th) will go away.
 She LOVES Chicken Alfredo.  Can you tell?
 A little too comfortable on Mommy and Daddy's pillows.

 Geocaching on a cloudy day is not a good idea (we didn't find any), but walking is always a good idea.

 She rarely stays at the park long.  She likes walking around and exploring.  And she rarely needs my help.  She is getting so independent.
 Playing the piano sitting by herself.
 Bath time is ALWAYS fun!
The knew apartment is great!  We love how open it is and I can't get enough of my big kitchen. The windows are big so we get a lot of natural light.  We aren't sure if there are scorpions, but we are on the second floor so it makes everything a little more difficult to get up (including Mommy and Celecta Rose).  We are close by a lot of stores now so we can walk there and we love the playground.  We are still getting used to our ward with a much higher attendance and more than enough pianist to spare (just like Utah).  It didn't take us long to unpack (1 week).  Celecta Rose has been really good at letting me get my chores done in the morning.  We have had some friends over and are happy to have a lot more! *hint, hint *wink, wink *nudge, nudge

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  1. Celecta rose is SO adorable! You guys look like you're doing well! Love your blog! :)