Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two week teaser

Some "Daddy loving" during a skype call with Grandma.  Anticipating our visit.

"Come, Watson."
 Baby of many personalities (princess).
 If I have to remind myself why we are moving, here it is.
 Wedding day dress.  I sewed this in one day.  It was a pretty big success I'd say.
 Her new carseat at the beginning of the trip.  She wouldn't sleep in it at first, but she learned to really fast during her exhausting vacation.
 "I won't sleep!"
 Another personality (computer programmer).

And.... a present (she wore it for at least 30 minutes).
 They didn't miss him at all.  Most yelled name in the house is right there.  "Wyyyyyyyaaaaaaan!"

Reunited band
 The wiseman with the gift of peace.
 First Christmas.  She needed a lot of help from her cousins because she had a fever and wasn't as enthused as she could have been.

All-natural donut snow ball.
She may not be able to move, but she was warm. 
 Climbing the mountain in sweats... BRRRRR!
 Kyle was the who was successful getting to the top.
"This is harder than it looks." -Celecta Rose
 Warming up the ears.

A gift from Oma.  This looks all too familiar.

 Look what we got in the mail!
 Her new favorite toy and my pajama pants (we are still trying to figure out how Mommy is going to shower in the morning after throwing off her sleeping schedule).
This 2 week vacation was too fun.  It was really hard to come back and really weird, but nice, to have 70 degree weather in January.  I am not very excited to have to move and pack with a baby, but it has done a good job keeping us busy and our minds off of being far from home.  We are excited to be in a place where we don't have to scan the floor with a black light for little critters.  

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  1. So great to see reminders of your visit. I like the bubble exploration, too! Good luck packing:)