Monday, October 21, 2013

Visitors and Voids

Why the Gee's came.

60 dollar BYU Paraphernalia.  Never too expensive when there is a 'Y' on it.
That is a spider in the middle of the photo.  I saw it on our walk.  It is crazy how well they spin webs here.  They are huge! 
 Something I saw while I was going through my memorabilia and throwing stuff away.  Don't worry I kept this one.  Yes I have had it since high school.
 A prairie mantis that is stuck in the bumper of a truck and dead.  Just holding on by a leg.
The queen.  She is the boss. :) 
I got her to wear a headband.  I wish I were as cute as her. 
 One of the costumes at the library (we go to the library every other monday where they host playgroup).  She didn't keep it on long.
 Celecta loves to brush her teeth.
 Poor thing hit her face on our entertainment center.  The bruise is forming on her face.  I thought she was going to have a black eye, but she didn't.

 Chillin' in the bathroom.  Her favorite room in the house.
The bloodied up actors from a shoot out.  I am not sure if it was baby friendly.  She doesn't seem to mind though.
 Who says there aren't trees in Tucson?
She upstaged the showgirl at Old Tucson. 
First Carousel ride. 
 Grandpa Riding the bronco.
Celecta clapping. 
Riding another horse.  Only this one isn't moving and it is missing a head. 
Giddyup, Auntie Megan! 
The pool was too cold to swim in so we had to use the hot tub instead.

We did try it out for a little bit until her lips turned purple. 
Scary baby! 
Our table is full (minus Grandma Gee taking the picture). 
 The beginning of the maze.
The middle. 
 This is not what she usually looks like when she is "on the go".
 She didn't spend much time on the ground while they were here.
Justin being groovy. 
A roadrunner on the sidewalk!  I wish I had a better picture.  This is the 4th one I have seen! 
 Tumamoc Hill!  We made it to the top!  Grandpa Gee compared it to the 'Y'.
Before they left.

Auntie Megan taught her how to clap.

 Looking for her audience not long after they left.
 The sunset in Tucson.  The pictures don't do it justice.

Celecta's finger got scissored by the following elbow hinge on her toy chest. 

 Celecta had a party with Daddy to start the weekend off for an hour and a half in the middle of the night.  This is a picture in memory of it.  This is how they were sitting the whole time.
 Her finger is healing.
 Arizona State Fair in Pheonix
 She loved looking around.  This tractor reminded me of the country song you girls (Camille, Elaine, and Megan) are familiar with.
 Can you believe it!?  No, we did NOT try it.
We went to the Ice Age exhibit.  I took this picture for my dad.  It explains monkeys being our ancestors.
 Made from rope.  We didn't buy one.  Can imagine that?
 Ryan's belt buckle
 They were about 3 inches wide 1.5 inches tall. I was very tempted to buy one.
 They had an Idaho one, but no Utah.  Go figure.
 The ferris wheel in the background.
IKEA!  Close to the happiest place on earth!  It was our first of many visits. 
 She was bouncing in the pillows while I decided on a changing table.

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  1. Belt buckles are a huge fashion statement in Idaho, didn't you know?