Friday, September 20, 2013

Visiting Home.

Waiting for our flight at the Tucson airport.  It was so small we had quite a wait.  Celecta Rose was happy to be able to crawl around a bit before the flight.

 First visit we made was to Grandma and Grandpa Dixons.  
 Celecta still remembered that ball from a few months ago.  It was definitely one of the favorites.
 Funny how a baby sitting on the ground can make every chair in the house look even less appealing than usual.
 We gave Celecta Rose a strawberry in her little dispenser and she held tight to that the whole walk.
 Celecta and Sadie did not lose any time reminding each other who they were.  There were quite the yelling competitions on a number of occasions.
 Aunties and Grandpa.  She was the life of the party.

The time apart meant Grandpa had to double up on his teasing to make up for lost time.

 Grandma introducing their newly purchased toys for their favorite granddaughter.
 Celecta even let Great Grandma Gee hold her a bit.
 Celecta thinking of daddy in his absence.
Getting ready to see Daddy.

Lucy guarding baby Caelin.  She must have practice.
 The kids could not resist riding the ponies at Thanksgiving Point. (Lucy)

 Hale in September.  It must be Utah.  Wouldn't be a visit to Utah without some wacky weather.
Learning to stand together.
 Caelin isn't that far behind.

 Oma teaching Celecta to talk.
 We missed the vacations where we were all crammed into a 15 passenger van so we decided to rent a 15 passenger van and we used all of seats.  5 carseats and 10 adults.
 Getting ready to get in the car.  You can see on my face how fun of a ride we had had in the past.
 Look at all our blue.  Brandie would be proud.
 Playing while they wait for the parents to come out.
 Reintroducing herself to the Dixon cousins.
 She loves Daddy's shoulders.
 The favorite toy to put in the mouth.  Pretty sure this is the culprit for any sicknesses that went around.
 Thanksgiving Point animals!
 More smiling pics with the trio.

 They can't get enough of him.
 Lucy wanted to be in the picture I was taking of Ryan and Celecta Rose.  This is the view from the back.
 Father daughter.
 Waiting for the bride and groom.
 She actually touched the horse and liked it the first few times, but I think it got old by the time we got the camera out.
 Never too big for this toy.  I am surprised it survived the vacation.
Celecta decided she wants to be a hygienist.
 Couldn't get enough of Daddy after being gone for a whole week.

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  1. Sorry we couldn't get together while you were here! Looks like fun.