Friday, September 20, 2013

Learning, growing, and melting

 I had to walk past this a few times and make sure it was really dead before I got up the nerve to take a picture.  It is a tarantula.  It was probably 2 inches in diameter.
Celecta sometimes wakes up and plays in her bed.  It is fun to see that she doesn't hate it completely.

 She likes to help me with the laundry sometimes.  Look at her learning to use those rolly polly legs.
 This is my attempt to carry the baby and the basket at the same time. It is not lightweight at all.
 Celecta practicing her rabbit impression.  She likes to suck all of the water out of celery.
 She loves to use her toy box to stand up.
 Her outfit for the wedding.  It was a little bigger than I planned it to be.
 Our apartment friend is trying to keep Celecta from eating his alphabet cards.
 Celecta likes to practice her wave.  She hasn't quite figured out when it is accurate to use though.
 I made flautas before we left for Utah.  It was a busy day and I still did it.  And I didn't even burn any of it.  I was pretty proud.  I had to send a picture to my dad.

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