Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I must not have a life I take SOOOOO many pictures!

Celecta has learned to suck out of a straw really well.  It's crazy how she is growing.
Ryan is educating Celecta on the ways of sports speculation.
Another beautiful view!  Oh, and the hills look pretty, too. ;)
 There is a cactus growing on the roof of this car shade.  Things DO grow in Tucson.
 Tried her sitting in the sink since her Bumbo was dirty.  Didn't work as well as I wanted it to. :P

Javelina right next to our back porch.  I'm sure this happens much more often than we think, but we keep our blinds closed to save cool air and for privacy while nursing.  It's a shame such a beautiful name was given to such an ugly creature.
 Celecta LOVES berries.  This is cherries I think judging by her bib.

 This is a lizard of some kind that I didn't dare get too close to identify.  It looks like a baby iguana because of it's head, but maybe you can help me identify it better.
 Celecta likes avocado.  She looked a lot greener in real life.
Don't be deceived.  Celecta was not laying like this for long.  She fell over.  I had to get a picture anyway.  She is not a cuddle bug to say the least.  She is always moving.
If you don't know if you want to brave the heat this alone will make it worth it.  It was so much fun!  My friend said they came here once a week with passes during the summer.

Yes that is a booger and yes there are hairs in the 5 foot nose.  

 This tube shoots out foam balls and you can watch them travel through.
 This is the grocery store with shelve and check out stands and cash registers AND carts.
 Ear, lungs, nose, heart (flashes and makes beating sound), and eye is out of the picture, but you can change the color of the eye.
 Magnet building center.
It was a lot of fun and Celecta didn't disagree to any of it.  She taste tested everything including dresses.
 Celecta loves being on daddies shoulders.  We know when he needs a haircut by how painful it is for her to hold on.

 Laundry helper.

 We thought this was going to be a haboob, but it wasn't.  If you don't know what a haboob is you have homework.  You must look it up!
 Going green in California.  Check out all these windmills!
 He had to dig a hole near the tide to convince Celecta to get in.  She loved sucking on the salty toys.

 Madison has a tu-tu on her swim suit!

Best zoo for little ones and only 2 dollars a person!

 Celecta is almost big enough to fly (measuring her wingspan).
 Scary black bear.
 Ryan's favorite!  Playing with a red ball.
 He can't wait for this weekend.
 Family picture with the tookus (not sure how to spell it) of the 4th family member.  He wouldn't stay still.

 Playing in bed.  That's when you know she really slept well.
 Pushing herself onto her knees!  She actually knelt with no hands I just didn't get it on camera.
 Poor thing has had a runny nose of and on for 3 weeks.  I am not sure if it is allergies, cold, or teething.  Either way she has been a trooper and nixed all of my sleep training so now we are back to crying herself to sleep she won't let me rock her anymore.  We will see how this changes everything else.

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  1. Looks like fun!! My favorite was you putting her in the sink :) That is great! She is getting SO chunky, I am so excited to see her (and you guys) In a couple of weeks!!